4 Stylish Backyard Privacy Ideas

Turn your outdoor space into a personal (and private!) retreat.

With many of us spending more time in our backyards—and planning staycations rather than vacations—we may have noticed some things we'd like to change about our outdoor spaces. At the top of many wishlists: more privacy. Because hedges, trees, and other plantable forms of privacy might take several years to grow tall enough, and permanent fences are a big commitment, we rounded up some immediate backyard privacy ideas that are easy to install. These barriers strike a balance between subtle and effective, so you can enjoy your yard in peace without sending the wrong message to neighbors.

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Willow Privacy Fence

Willow fence and white wooden bench with decorative pillows in front of fence, purple flowers in pot next to bench

Crafted from real willow branches, this divider will look like a natural part of your backyard. Each branch is spaced close enough to afford privacy, while still allowing small leaves to poke through for an organic effect.

To buy: $168, shopterrain.com.

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Luxurious Outdoor Curtains

wooden pergola with teal blue curtains in backyard overlooking a pool and patio seats
Pottery Barn

If you have a pergola or arbor in your backyard, a set of weather-resistant outdoor curtains is all it takes to transform it into a private oasis (away from neighbors and the sun). Or, install curtains on the side nearest the neighboring yard, so you can enjoy privacy while catching some rays.

To buy: From $189, potterybarn.com.

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Vinyl Lattice

white lattice in backyard with yellow and red flowers
Home Depot

For those not afraid of a DIY project, a durable, weather-resistant vinyl lattice is a good solution for a backyard low-budget privacy screen. Add sturdy trim to create a free-standing privacy fence, or use it to enclose one side of a covered patio.

To buy: $25 for 4 x 8 feet, homedepot.com.

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Folding Screen With Planters

folding slatted wooden privacy screen with planter boxes filled with white and blue flowers

To make one area of your yard—like the dining table or a lounge chair—a little more secluded, set up this wooden slatted screen. Not only does it create a visual barrier, but built-in planters let you grow fast-growing climbers like wisteria or trumpet vine.

To buy: $309, amazon.com.

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