An Exclusive Sneak Peek at Target's Latest Collaboration

The newest collection will add a pop of color to your home.

If your New Year's resolution is to spruce up your home with a few new pieces, Target's latest designer collaboration should provide some budget-friendly ideas. The retailer has teamed up with blogger, designer, and mom of two, Joy Cho, to create a new home and nursery collection that launches in early 2016. 

If you're familiar with Oh Joy!, Cho's popular blog, you'll recognize her colorful and pattern-filled design style in these new products. "I designed the new collection with the goal of inspiring and adding joy to homes and nurseries," Cho said. 

Take a look at a few of the new products below—you might even be inspired to grab a few! The nursery collection will be available in select stores and online in January 2016, while the home products will be in stores and online in early February 2016.


Wall Art

Photo by Target

There's nothing like an always on-trend gallery wall to elevate a room. Add one (or two!) of these prints to your current array, or group a few of these to get started on a new art wall. It's all about making these pieces to fit your own home decor style: “I think customization will be a bigger trend for 2016. People like the idea of DIY, but sometimes lack of time or tools and so they would rather buy something than make it,” Cho says. “But they still want to be able to make something of their own. Items you can buy but then customize in some way (whether that’s a pair of sneakers, a pillow, or a bookshelf) will allow that freedom of expression to come through.”

To buy: from $18-$25, (available December 27th)


Dotty Acrylic Table

Photo by Target

This dotted table will work in just about any room—use it in an entryway to store mail and keys, in a living room to place your magazines and books, or in a nursery to display toys, pictures, and toiletries.

To buy: $80, (available early February 2016)


Animal Figurines

Photo by Target

Place these "party animals" in your kid's room. They're playful, but the gold tone gives them a little bit of sophistication. "They add a layer of lightheartedness to any room," Cho says.

To buy: $15 each, (available early February 2016)


Heart Ottoman

Photo by Target

Aside from being an extra perch for guests, an ottoman can also be used as a coffee table. "For my family, it's all about balance. I want my kids to be safe but that also doesn’t mean having to put foam corners on everything," Cho says. "I’d rather make sure that the pieces we have can work in a home with a child. For example, when my oldest daughter Ruby starting walking, we swapped our beloved coffee table with sharp corners for softer, less dangerous poufs—that are still very stylish."

To buy: $60, (available early February 2016)


Crib Bedding

Photo by Target

When decorating a nursery, Cho recommends looking for pieces that complement one another without being too matchy-matchy. "Let’s say a crib sheet or a changing pad cover gets dirty and needs to go into the wash, you want to have extra pieces on hand that will go with your nursery without having to buy multiples of the same exact sheets or changing table covers," she says. "This collection allows for that variety and the ability for your nursery to always look like it’s meant to be—no matter what pieces are being used." These bedding sets are designed so you can mix and match, no matter which patterns you choose.

To buy: $100 each, (available early January 2016)


Throw Pillows

Photo by Target

Swap out your sofa or bed's throw pillows for these playful ones. Or, use them in your child's room, since they're classic pieces that will seem just right for years to come. "I wanted to create pieces that didn’t feel too 'baby' and that felt like they could transition into childhood as well," Cho says. "Both the home decor and nursery items have an element of modern sophistication, yet playful enough to go from nursery to a first bedroom, like these throw pillows."

To buy: $20 each, (available early February 2016)


Diaper Bag

Photo by Target

You can take Joy's fun patterns on the go, too. With tons of compartments and pockets for organization and a matching changing mat, these bags have everything a new mom needs. Choose from a backpack or tote design.

To buy: $40 each, (available early January 2016)