This non-traditional neutral is dominating this year’s design scene.

By Maddy Sims
Updated July 13, 2017
KatarzynaBialasiewicz/Getty Images

It seems as though navy might be the new black—at least for homes, anyway. This deep color seems to be having a moment in interior design, as it’s been popping up in people’s kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms. The dark blue hue creates a sophisticated cool color palate that transforms any space into a tranquil escape. Plus, it goes with just about anything (though we’re particularly loving it paired with white).

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If you’re looking to give this gorgeous trend a go, try out these three foolproof ways to use it. For a statement-making room with a nautical feel, coat your walls in navy. Compliment it with some fresh furniture and a preppy pattern like stripes or checks to finish the look. If painting the walls is too big of a commitment, try bringing the calming color into your kitchen. Navy cabinets will give your space an ultra-modern feel but won’t feel as harsh as black paint. Love your walls and cabinets as they are? Focus the trend on your furniture. It will keep things neutral and understated and bring just enough color into your space.

If re-painting your walls or buying new furniture sounds a little too pricey, there are still ways to bring the hue to your space. For a more affordable way to work the trend into your home, add some accent pieces into your rooms. Try getting some throw pillows, a rug, or lamps for budget-friendly dark blue home décor. Looks like navy just might be in the running to become our new favorite color.