Shoppers Say This Stylish $14 Rug Can Handle 'Rain, Dust Storms, and Tramplings' With Ease

Modern farmhouse flair, and modern cleaning capabilities, too.

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MUBIN Buffalo Plaid Rug 2X3 ft Outdoor Black and White Checked Rug Cotton Reversible

The gatekeeper of any home is a good welcome mat. It's the first line of defense against rain, snow, dirt, and dust. It guards your humble abode and ensures that water from the torrential downpour outside or leftovers from muddy paws don't make it to your bedroom. And if the mat, rug, or bare floor (uh oh) currently there isn't pulling its weight, it's time to swap it out for this rug that shoppers are giving an "A+" rating.

The Mubin buffalo plaid rug may seem stylish, unassuming, and cute even, but it's capable of keeping the dirtiest things from being tracked all around your home. And with prices starting at just $14, you can't really go wrong. Several shoppers mentioned in reviews layering it beneath a wiry brown mat for extra coverage, but don't get it twisted: It's a sturdy rug all on its own.

MUBIN Buffalo Plaid Rug 2X3 ft Outdoor Black and White Checked Rug Cotton Reversible

To buy: From $14;

One reviewer who left it outside for months wrote, "It has withstood rain, dust storms, and tramplings from my five boys who gravitate toward mud." And upon throwing it in the washing machine, they noted that it "looked [as] new as the day it arrived, even the white squares!"

Second to the mat's ability to handle almost anything is how quickly it bounces back. If the chic textile is starting to look a little faded (or all one color rather than checkered), you can restore its look with a quick rinse in the washer—even if you've left it out for months.

As a customer who left their rug outside during wildfires found, after being subjected to ash, smoke, and a sick dog, it was washed and back to its crisp, clean condition, even though they waited a month to clean it.

Durability and machine-washability are no doubt this textile's biggest perks, but its design is a fan favorite, too. The black-and-white buffalo print makes a statement in any home, whether modern farmhouse or minimalism is your thing. And if a small patch of plaid isn't enough, you can opt for the 8-by-10-foot version to cover your entire entryway, mudroom, or living area.

Guard your home against unwanted grime with an entryway rug that's as stylish as it is practical. Mubin's absorbent rug comes in several sizes, but you can shop it starting at just $14.

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