And we want them all. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated April 05, 2019
Credit: Per Magnus Persson/Getty Images

Popularized by Joanna Gaines and the HGTV hit Fixer Upper, the modern farmhouse decor style has been around for a few years now, and yet it shows no signs of stopping. In fact, because the trend has been circulating for a while now, modern farmhouse home decor features have had time to make their way into home renovations and are even effecting the resale value of homes. According to Zillow's 2019 Home Features that Sell Analysis, there are several farmhouse features that are bringing in higher-than-expected home sales: farmhouse sinks, exposed beams, and shiplap. Here's all the proof that farmhouse home decor isn't just a pretty home decor choice, but also a smart investment.

For the report, Zillow analyzed the home listings from 4.6 million home sales across the country in 2017 and 2018 to determine which listed features correlated with higher sales prices and faster sales. After combing through the data, Zillow found a few trends emerge, including an interest in luxurious bathroom features (hello, steam showers!) and farmhouse-inspired decor. Below are three of the features that are currently selling for a premium.

Farmhouse Sinks

Home listings that mentioned farmhouse sinks ended up selling, on average, for more than 18 percent of the expected sale price. While there are some things you should consider before splurging on a farmhouse sink in your own home, it's an attractive feature that offers more sink space for both meal prep and dishwashing. Plus, it's a timeless style, so you don't have to worry about it looking outdated even once the farmhouse fad is over.

Exposed Beams

Another mainstay of the farmhouse decor style, exposed wood beams correlated with 14 percent higher than expected sale prices. While wooden beams were traditionally used as structural support, adding wood beams that serve a purely decorative purpose is a popular and less expensive way to get the look.


You've seen the DIY tutorials and the shiplap explainer posts all over the internet, and years later, the trendy wood paneling is still boosting home values. Home listings that mentioned "shiplap" in the description ended up selling for 11 percent above the anticipated sale price. And while we're predicting that board and batten could be the new shiplap, decorative wood paneling is continuing to attract attention.