This $15 Oil Diffuser Rivals All of the Fancier Ones I’ve Tried

It humidifies the air and adds a bit of aromatherapy to my day.
By Amanda Richards
January 11, 2021
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Recently, my sister visited my Brooklyn apartment for our first reunion in months. After about three hours of hanging out, she commented, "If I lived here, I'd literally never go outside." Though some might balk at the idea of a living space that's too comfortable, I take it as a point of pride. I've spent years making my apartment the most zen-like, relaxing environment it can possibly be—after all, it's a harsh world out there and we all deserve a place to unwind. 

To create this serene environment, I've filled my space with plants, comfortable thrifted furniture, sentimental art and knick-knacks, and fancy linen bedding. It's a mix of investment pieces and budget finds, and one thing that fits into the latter category is my Mainstays Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser . At first, I never expected it would bring me such joy, but the price point is unbeatable— just $15—and it works even better than a far more expensive diffuser I recently received as a gift. 


To buy: $15;

The reason I like this diffuser so much is that it functions as both a humidifier and an oil diffuser (many machines only do one or the other). It works via sonic vibration, and the cool mist adds moisture to dry rooms—perfect for an apartment that runs on dry radiator heat—and you can add one (or a combination) of your favorite essential oils to the water reservoir. During the day, I like to diffuse a blend of eucalyptus and lemon, and at night, I usually go with lavender. 

The diffuser runs for about three hours and automatically shuts off when the water runs low. It's a humidifier and aromatherapy all in one, and I'm not even being hyperbolic when I say that it has radically improved the quality of the chill zone, (which is what I call my apartment because that is the kind of person I am). And I'm not the only one who loves it: Walmart shoppers have given the diffuser great reviews, saying that its compact size makes it perfect for a desk space or small apartment, and that it adds a noticeable (but not overpowering) level of fragrance to the room. 

If you've got a chill zone of your own, I highly recommend this diffuser for an added touch of low-cost luxury—just make sure you're prepared to never want to leave again. You can shop the Mainstays Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser for $15 on Walmart now.