Want swanky style to grace your home? A few small changes will give it an effortless yet upscale look.

By Marla Christiansen
Updated July 01, 2019
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When searching for a way to give your home a high-end makeover, it’s important to remember that you can make your home look elegant without a complete overhaul or excessive spending. The secret to making a home look luxurious is simply knowing where to focus your money and attention. While expensive furniture can certainly upgrade a room's look, little luxe details can also have a big impact. Achieving a rich atmosphere in your home can be accomplished by making a few small changes. Want to experience luxury firsthand? Here are five easy ways to give your space the grandeur it deserves.



Incorporating textiles in a thoughtful mix of materials will give your space a luxurious, custom-designed appearance. Even if replacing your couch or armchairs isn't in the budget right now, adding an elegant gold foil throw pillow and a woven blanket can completely transform the look of the furniture you already own. Investing in different blankets and pillows for each season is an affordable way to keep your home’s design fresh and vibrant all year long.

To buy: Safavieh Golden Foil Pillow, $35; homedepot.com.



Well-dressed windows give presence to a room, establishing a luxurious atmosphere by shaping natural light. Hang plush draperies made from richly textured fabrics, like velvet, to give a living room or bedroom a touch of quiet sophistication. When making your selection, follow these rules for hanging curtains to make the room appear taller than it actually is.

To buy: Velvet Louise Curtain, from $58; anthropologie.com.

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While easy to neglect, small details really create a huge impression on the overall appearance of your home. Attractive door knobs, brackets, and light switch plates add elegance by creating visual interest in otherwise overlooked areas. Replacing dated hardware with something modern and metallic, like these geometric brass knobs, will give furniture a more finished feel.

While these details are typically inexpensive to replace, our homes are full of metal hardware, so the costs can add up. If buying new is out of the question, consider painting old hardware with a can of stainless steel, brass, or wrought iron spray paint to give them a fresh look. Tending to these often-overlooked design details will instantly give your home a high-end sheen.

To buy: Brass Geometric Knobs, $10 for 2; worldmarket.com.



Establish a focal point and give your space a high-impact, chic statement with one oversized piece of art. Large-scale artwork that coordinates with the colors and shapes in a room will elevate the entire space. Selecting a high-quality frame will increase the value of the piece and draw much-deserved attention to it. Plus, when ordered from the right source, one big piece of art is often more affordable than building a gallery wall. 

To buy: Following the Pack 24”x18”, $100; minted.com.



Make your home glow by outfitting it with sleek light fixtures. Arrange lights of various heights and sizes to highlight various areas of the room, such as a table lamp on a desk, reading sconces beside the bed, and a large floor lamp to illuminate the entire room. Want some serious glamour? Choose a metallic finish or one large statement pendant lamp. If you aren't ready to splurge on new light fixtures, swapping out unattractive lightbulbs like fluorescent bulbs for LED ones is a cheap and easy way to upgrade the ambiance of your space. 

To buy: Sculptural Glass Geo Pendant, $79; westelm.com.