It's an inexpensive upgrade. 

By Caylin Harris
Updated September 03, 2019
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Little Detail You Should Be Personalizing in Your Home, light switch plate cover
Credit: Getty Images

Once you’ve painted and meticulously chosen furniture, lighting, and rugs for your space, the last thing you want to do is leave those plain, builder-grade light switch plates and outlet covers on your walls. Especially if they’ve seen better days—it’s really easy for the plastic to get discolored or stained over time.

Think about all of the hardware in the room like jewelry: You wouldn’t wear a beautiful dress and then accessorize it with plastic bracelets! Replacing these covers is just the right finishing touch to put on the room. If you’re unsure what style light switch plates to choose in an older home, look at the designs that were installed when the house was built. They’ll look most authentic. Here are some great places to buy replacement light switch plates in a range of prices and styles.

While the Home Depot most likely carries the builder-grade light switch plate covers you’re replacing, they do have the next step up as well. Instead of plastic, opt for a metal cover. They’re a little more money, but they will really make the space look higher-end. This is especially true if your room is painted a color that will help highlight the light switch plate covers, such as a gray wall with shiny brass fixtures.

Price: $

There are a lot of switch covers and outlets in your house. We totally get that you don’t want to spend a fortune replacing them—especially if you’re not living in your forever home. So if you want to replace them all without breaking your budget, Target is your best bet. What’s great about their selection is that they’ve got basics but with a touch of detail that makes them feel a little more custom than the standard light switch. A bit of embellishment makes all the difference.

Price: $

Think of this website like the light switch cover superstore! There might not be a single finish they don’t have, meaning that you should be able to find something for your home without a problem. It’s a great one-stop shop. But it’s worth mentioning that as the covers get nicer, the prices go up. The simpler the style, the less you’re ultimately going to pay.

Price: $$

For pretty, ornate pieces that can be pulled from different time periods, this website has some great options. A nice way to give an updated look to a more vintage style is to choose a metal finish that feels fresh and current.

Price: $$-$$$

While there isn’t a huge selection, if you’re looking for something that feels really special, Anthropologie has some unique options you won't find other places. Their specialty is patterns, from floral to art deco motifs.

Price: $$-$$$