3 Ways to Create a Home That Will Never Look Outdated, According to HGTV Star Leanne Ford

We chat with the designer about her just-launched collection with Crate & Barrel and the timeless decor trends that never go out of style.

Leanne Ford Crate & Barrel Collection, Leanne on cane chair
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Designer Leanne Ford, star of the hit HGTV shows Restored by the Fords and Rock the Block, and co-author of the book Work in Progress (written with her brother Steve Ford), is known for her minimalist, timeless sense of style. With a background in fashion design before transitioning to the world of interiors, Leanne's catchphrase "wear black, paint white," sums up her aesthetic. And last night, at the launch of her new collection of furniture and decor at Crate & Barrel—wearing a sparkly black outfit in an airy room with white-painted brick walls—Leanne held true to her classic style.

I sat down with the designer to chat about how she pulled off a collection of pieces that reflect modern decor trends, and that you'll still want to live with in five (or 10, or 15) years. Here are the designer's secrets for creating a home that will never look outdated.

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Arches light wood cabinet
Crate & Barrel

"I always say ignore trends. If you like it, do it. If you don't, don't," says Ford, presenting her no-nonsense approach to design fads. And there's one current design trend Ford has always been a big fan of: Arches. "I use a lot of arches in my pieces, and curved corners," she explains, pointing out the rounded design of the Annie Natural Storage Cabinet. In the new collection, curved edges show up everywhere, from decorative bowls to the statement-making canopy bed.

What makes arches timeless, even if they're having a moment right now? According to Ford, it's because they're both grounded in history, yet somehow futuristic. "I'm always looking back through history, and then there's this space-age element happening too." This is one trend you definitely won't regret in 10 years.

To buy: Annie Natural Storage Cabinet, $1,899, crateandbarrel.com.

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Black cane bar cabinet
Crate & Barrel

This year, we predicted that cane and rattan would weave its way into our home decor—and so far, it shows no signs of stopping. Luckily, Ford assures us that natural woven cane is a timeless trend.

"I grew up with cane," the designer says, noting that the key to a "timeless trend" is to take a natural element with historical background, and then make it modern. "It's how we shape it, it's how we use it." For a fresh take on the material, Ford decided to use black cane in her collection. The only problem: no factory was making black cane. They had to figure out a new production process for this classic material. The end result is an ageless design with a modern, innovative twist.

To buy: West Charcoal Cane Bar Cabinet, $1,999, crateandbarrel.com.

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Mirror with wooden frame
Crate & Barrel

"I always pretend like I'm European (I'm not, because I'm from Pittsburgh)," Ford jokes. "But there was a little bit of an Italian influence." The European-inspired style shows up in several pieces in the new collection, including the beautiful carved wood floor mirror. And of course, Ford put her own modern spin on the style by adding a matte black finish.

To buy: Levon Carved Wood Floor Mirror, $1,090, crateandbarrel.com.

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