Los Angeles designer Justina Blakeney reveals the one home accessory she’s totally hung up on.

By Justina Blakeney

Justine Blakeney

My cream-colored wedding cake chandelier was a gift from my sister Faith. She’s an interior designer and knows I’ve always been obsessed with tassels and other trim. So when she saw two of these fun, fanciful pieces at the Long Beach, California, flea market back in 2010, she bought one for herself and the other for me, for $50 each. It’s very boho and dramatic, but because it’s a neutral, it can also sit near crazy wallpaper without being overwhelming. I love the surprising aspect of it: Trim is usually just a small detail, but this heavily textured piece flips that on its head, turning trim into the focal point. When people come over, they’re really drawn to this thing. It just makes them smile. Any kind of highly textured piece that is (or looks) handmade—a tasseled throw, a basket with a pom-pom detail, a Turkish towel with a decorative trim—is going to bring love into a room. The most interesting pieces, like this chandelier, are somehow really bold and understated at the same time.

Take a look at some finds below to get a similar look in your house.

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