Joanna Gaines just showed off some wall art from her kids' bedroom and it has social media swooning. Here's how to capture a similar vibe.

By Stacey Leasca
Updated September 18, 2018
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Joanna Gaines Wall Decor Ideas
Credit: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

On Tuesday, everyone’s favorite decorator (and shiplap lover) Joanna Gaines shared a new interior shot of her kids’ bedroom. In the photo, the room showcases some rather cool bunk beds made with black metal piping, but it also featured a piece of wall art that read “These Are The Days”–and people on social media are simply loving it.

No word yet on if the Gaines family will be selling the wall decor in their stores anytime soon, but have no fear because there’s no need to wait. Here are four other artisans selling similar pieces on Etsy that you can buy right now.

Joanna Gaines Wall Art Ideas

Metal "Gather" Sign by PinkyDesigns

For a similar metal effect, go with PinkyDesigns' “Gather” sign. The raw metal sign measures in at five feet across, meaning it will make quite the statement on any wall. Further customize it by picking from white, black, gold, red, silver, or seaside color options.

To Buy: $125;

Joanna Gaines Wall Decor Ideas

"These Are the Days" Printable Poster by Byoliart

If you really love the saying “these are the days” but don’t want to plunk down a ton of cash on wall decor, Byoliart has your back with a more accessible format. The expertly-designed graphic signs can simply be purchased, downloaded, and printed right at home. But be warned: The frame is sold separately.

To Buy: From $6;

Joanna Gaines Home Decor Ideas

"One Day at a Time" Sign by LiztonDesignCo

For a more rustic feel like the bunk bed vibe in Gaines' post, try the “One Day At A Time” sign by LiztonDesignCo. The sign is made of premium birch plywood and trimmed with pine wood. Each sign measures in at two feet by two feet and is made to order–meaning no two signs are exactly alike.

To Buy: $95;

Joanna Gaines Decoration Idea

"Love Never Fails" Sign by FeatherAndBirch

To make things just a bit more romantic, go for something like the “Love Never Fails” wooden sign by FeatherAndBirch. Each of the wooden words comes separately so you can place them wherever and however you want. For an additional personal element, the words can be hand-painted or stained with any color you choose.

To Buy: $46;

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Wall Decor by Joanna Gaines' Magnolia

Good Ol' Days Sign by Magnolia

If you simply must have a Joanna Gaines-approved piece, go ahead and purchase the Good Ol' Days Are Yet To Come sign sold in the Magnolia shop. The metal signs are all handmade, so no two are exactly the same.

To Buy: $32;