With the help of a top British designer.

By Sarah Yang
Updated June 09, 2016

If you live with limited square footage, then you understand the struggle of creating a fashionable home with versatile furniture and decor. IKEA understands your pain and is setting out to fix the problem, with a new collaboration with acclaimed British designer Tom Dixon, known for creating beautiful and unique furniture pieces, decor accents, and lighting. The retailer announced the news at its Democratic Design Day, an event where they unveil new products, collections, and collaborations.

Noting that more and more people are living in small spaces—and therefore, see the living room as a multipurpose space for meals, lounging, and entertaining—the retailer hopes to create and redefine furniture for these new fluid spaces. The first goal? Comfortable and versatile seating. “Our immediate focus is on seating solutions,” Marcus Engman, design manager at IKEA, said in a press release. “This may seem simple but not only do we intend to build a system that makes it possible to create versatile furniture for modern living, we are going to do it in a way that will have implications for the way that many products are made in the future.”

Right now, the retailer has yet to reveal the designs, but the collection is set to debut in August 2017.