Where Scandinavian and Brazilian design meet.

TILLFÄLLE Collection
Credit: Ikea.com

When you think of IKEA, an exotic, tropical design aesthetic probably doesn't come to mind—well now it can. The retailer’s latest limited edition collection, TILLFÄLLE, draws inspiration from the opposite side of the world from Sweden: Brazil. The new products introduce bright colors and patterns into IKEA’s design catalog; think leafy greens, ocean blues, and graphic black-and-white motifs. It’s a collection that merges the easy, simple details of Scandinavian design with the bold character of Brazilian style.

With the 2016 Olympics taking place in Rio de Janeiro later this summer, your home will be ready to celebrate. Make sure to catch the collection in stores only on March 20—before it’s all sold out.

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TILLFÄLLE Coffee Table
Credit: Ikea.com

Coffee Table

With a graphic, wavy black-and-white design, this coffee table will add some eye-catching detail to your living room or seating area. The classic combination makes it easy to pair with already-existing neutral furniture. The eucalyptus wood material makes each table unique—it will vary in wood grain patterns and color.

To buy: $119, in-stores only.

Credit: Ikea.com

Side Plates

Serve up side salads or desserts on these colorful earthenware plates. Mix and match the color and patterns so your dining table can look like a vivid work of art.

To buy: $3 each, in-store only.

Credit: Ikea.com


Whether you use this in your living room or entryway, there’s enough smart storage in this color block cabinet for any purpose. The sliding doors let you choose how you want to display products—you can leave them open to show off objets or keep them closed to hide the clutter.

To buy: $329, in-store only.

Credit: Ikea.com

Dish Towels

Replace your old dish towels with these pattern-happy ones. Each one in the pack comes with a helpful loop so you can easily hang them up in your kitchen to dry when not in use.

To buy: $6 for a 3-pack, in-store only.

TILLFÄLLE Serving Bowl
Credit: Ikea.com

Serving Bowl

This bright blue bowl will become a summer entertaining essential. Use it to serve fresh salads and family-style dishes, or place it on your kitchen counter to display and hold fruit.

To buy: $23, in-store only