5 Must-Haves From IKEA’s Newest Collection

We can't get enough of the bright colors and bold patterns. 

IKEA has never been afraid to use pops of color and splashy patterns in their designs, so when we took a first peek at the latest AVSIKTLIG collection hitting stores this month (May 2017), we weren’t surprised (but were definitely delighted) to see pieces covered in fun prints. Created in collaboration with 10-gruppen, a Danish design collective founded in 1970, the loud patterns the group is best known for come out in full force. The resulting pieces are vibrant and modern, yet can work in almost any home if introduced in small doses. Add a printed pillow to energize your living room or get a set of colorful stools for extra seating during parties. At IKEA prices, it isn’t expensive to brighten up your space for summer.



Photo by ikea.com

Graphic and colorful, this poppy pillow will feel at home in a kid’s room or on an outdoor furniture set. Just remember to bring it inside when it rains and rotate it to prevent the vivid colors from fading in the sun.

To buy: $4; IKEA.com.


AVSIKTLIG Box with Lid

Photo by ikea.com

Perhaps the most exciting pieces in the new collection are all of the playful storage options that are bound to replace boring plastic bins. Each box in this set comes with a different pattern, but the black-and-white color scheme helps them feel connected. You’ll want to leave these out on your office shelves where they can be admired.

To buy: $13 for set of three; IKEA.com.



Photo by ikea.com

Say hello to the patterned towels you’ll be toting with you to the beach all summer long. Made from medium-weight terry cloth, these towels are soft so you can comfortably sunbathe on them for hours and absorbent so they’ll quickly dry you off after a dip in the ocean.

To buy: $15 each; IKEA.com.



Photo by ikea.com

These colorful stools would look adorable in a kid’s room, and they could double as extra seating when friends stop by. Just $15 each, they’re affordable enough to buy in multiples and store in a stack.

To buy: $15 each; IKEA.com.


KLIPPAN Loveseat and Cover

Photo by ikea.com

The KLIPPAN has been a popular sofa option since the 1980s, but when upholstered in contemporary palm-print fabric, this loveseat still looks fresh.

To buy: $269 for the loveseat and $49 for the cover; IKEA.com.