This collection makes everything—from opening a jar to getting up from the couch—a little bit easier.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated July 01, 2019

According to the World Health Organization, about 15 percent of the world population lives with some form of disability, yet very few home furnishing companies are designing with these specific needs in mind. With its upcoming product line—OMTÄNKSAM, which means "thoughtful" in Swedish—IKEA hopes to start to change that.

Set to launch in May 2020, the collection was designed with the principles of ergonomics in mind, to assist those who might need a helping hand, whether on a permanent or temporary basis. Every item in the collection, from chairs that are easier to get in and out of to jar grippers that help you unscrew lids, is intended to make life at home a little easier. Collaborating with ergonomists, physiotherapists, and researchers, IKEA designers have created an initial collection, with plans to expand to products for the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Below are a few of our favorites from the range, including innovative products that will help those with arthritis and back pain, all designed to make our homes a little more comfortable.

IKEA glass vase
Credit: IKEA

An Ergonomic (and Stylish) Flower Vase

For those with painful arthritis, even carrying a heavy vase full of water can be a challenge. To make the gift of beautiful flowers more accessible to everyone, IKEA designed a vase with an indent around the middle, so it's easy to transport with your arms and less likely to slip through your fingers. This innovative vase and all of the products in the OMTÄNKSAM collection will hit stores in 2020.

Gray jar gripper
Credit: IKEA

A Jar Gripper That Makes Unscrewing Lids Much Easier

Whether you're dealing with arthritis, a broken wrist, or an impossible-to-open jar of pasta sauce, this jar gripper pad will help. The textured, slip-resistant material makes it easier to get a getter grip, so opening a jar requires less elbow grease.

Blue lumbar cushion on chair
Credit: IKEA

A Supportive Cushion for Those with Back Pain

Whether you have chronic back pain, are pregnant, or just want a little more back support in your home office, the OMTÄNKSAM lumbar cushion can help. The clever design wraps around the back of the chair, so it can quickly be added to the chairs you already own and is easy to adjust to the right height.