Expect to see it in stores in 2017.

By Sarah Yang
Updated June 08, 2016

If you’ve ever shopped at IKEA, you probably own one or two (or 10) of their bright blue polypropylene shopping bags, FRAKTA. Those multipurpose bags—they cost about a buck each and are surprisingly super sturdy—aren’t just used for carrying your IKEA haul home at the end of the day. They can tote groceries and laundry, and some people even use them for gardening projects.

Now, the classic bag is getting a revamp, all thanks to a new collaboration with the Danish design brand, HAY, which is set to debut in 2017. IKEA announced the news at its Democratic Design Day, an event in Sweden where the retailer showcases upcoming products and collections. The new HAY-designed bag is made from woven fabric with a white-and-green color scheme. It’s a bit more understated, which makes for the perfect everyday shopping and errands carryall. The HAY collaboration will also include other pieces like a chair, table, lamp, and textiles. “There are a a lot of pieces with new constructions, new ways of doing things, but it is design that still blends in. There is also a longevity in it, we would like people to live with these things for a long time, because they are going to age in a beautiful way,” Marcus Engman, design manager at IKEA, said in a press release. There’s no word yet on how much it will cost and if it will be a permanent fixture in stores, or just a limited-edition run.

h/t Dezeen

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