Choose from dimmable bulbs, light-up doors, and LED panels.

By Real Simple
Updated March 29, 2017
Credit: IKEA

If you’ve ever wanted customizable lighting in your house—without the hefty price tag, and with no electrician or rewiring required!—this brand-new collection from IKEA just might be your new go-to. It’s billed by the company as a simple, low-cost solution for all those times you want to toggle between strong, clear task lighting (say, when you’re cooking a meal or reading) and a softer, warmer glow (to set a cozy vibe during your next dinner party, for example).

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The Trådfri product line, on the furniture giant’s website now and coming to stores this April, includes a $30 dimming kit with an LED bulb and “steering device” (remote control). Customers can also use their phones or tablets to pre-set Trådfri bulbs around the house using the retailer’s app.

The Smart Lighting collection goes beyond bulbs, too. Launching later this summer is a Trådfri motion sensor kit ($25) with automatic lighting that’s triggered whenever anyone enters a room. With no hardware installation needed, the kit is intended for all kinds of settings and scenarios, from a hallway (to illuminate nighttime trips to the bathroom) to a mudroom (eliminating the step of setting down your grocery bags to flip a switch when you walk in from the car).

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LED light-up cabinet doors are set to debut this summer, too. As an add-on to IKEA’s BESTÅ cabinets, the SURTE doors can switch from cool white to warm daylight to candlelight via remote, allowing customers to amp up the brightness in a room or tone it down for a warmer ambiance.