It was made to celebrate the bag’s 30th anniversary.

By Sarah Yang
Updated June 05, 2017

While some have tried to copy it (remember Balenciaga’s $2,145 tote?), there’s only one Ikea FRAKTA bag. For the iconic bag’s 30th birthday, the Swedish retailer created an ad celebrating its usefulness and affordability. The video isn’t a response to that much-talked about Balenciaga bag, but was planned months ago for FRAKTA’s anniversary, an Ikea spokesperson told Adweek.

If you have a FRAKTA bag you are probably quite familiar with its everyday versatility—whether you’ve used it as a shopping bag, laundry hamper, or even to haul some gardening soil and plants. The ad, “The Blue Bag,” shows the many uses of the FRAKTA, following people all around the world as they use it as a shopping bag, makeshift umbrella, and even an outfit for a dog. The video calls it “the most hardworking bag in the world,” and highlights its universality, which is aligned with Ikea’s vision of democratic, affordable design.

“Why should function and quality be a privilege for the few? If we can do something about it? That question, is behind everything we do,” the narrator says in the video. According to the retailer, the simple plastic bag represents everything the company believes in: “that design, function, and quality shouldn’t be just for a few.” At just 99 cents, it’s easy to see that the bag summarizes the company’s values—plus, whether you’re a millionaire or a broke college student, if you’ve stepped foot in an Ikea, you probably own the iconic bag.

You can watch the video below.