Here's How to Make IKEA Cabinets Look Seriously High-End

Hint: no painting necessary.

There's a reason IKEA cabinets are so popular: when it comes to affordability and a clean, minimalist design, they can't be beat. But what happens when you have basic IKEA kitchen cabinets and want to infuse them with your own personal style? Sure, you can pull out the paint cans and brushes and get to work, but for those who want a high-end look and zero maintenance, there's Semihandmade for IKEA—a company that sells beautiful cabinet fronts for IKEA kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

The durable fronts are made to fit standard IKEA pieces, and they attach using the hinges and hardware (and following the instruction manual) provided by IKEA. So whether you have a BESTA, SEKTION, or GODMORGON, you can invest in colorful, textured fronts that transform each piece so completely no one will ever guess that your kitchen cabinets came from IKEA. Want the visual proof? Here are several makeovers that show off the power of this IKEA cabinet hack.

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A Blushing BESTA

IKEA BESTA cabinet in blush in living room
Semihandmade for IKEA

When Semihandmade for IKEA teamed up with designer Sarah Sherman Samuel (the creative genius behind Mandy Moore's gorgeous home makeover), we knew it was going to be good. The evidence: new beaded cabinet fronts on this once-boring BESTA attract so much attention, it's blushing.

For a peek at more IKEA cabinet hacks, follow Sherman Samuel's instagram, where she unveils pretty kitchen projects.

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IKEA Cabinet Makeover

IKEA kitchen cabinet makeover by Rug & Weave, blue shaker cabinets
Semihandmade for IKEA

The husband-and-wife team behind Rug & Weave, a vintage and handmade decor company, take their home styling very seriously because they photograph their rugs and furniture right in their home. While their kitchen started out with outdated wooden cabinet fronts, after an intervention by Semihandmade, the new blue Shaker-style cabinet fronts look seriously stylish.

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Moody Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Semihandmade for IKEA
KATE GREWAL/Semihandmade for IKEA

If you want to switch the color of your cabinets, but also want something a little more luxe-looking than a DIY paint job, opt for pre-fabricated cabinet fronts in trendy colors, like navy blue or blush. The price per front ranges depenidng upon size, but with each front priced around $80, upgrading an entire kitchen is an investment. One way to justify the initial cost: Compared to painted cabinets, these durable fronts won't nick or chip, so you don't have to worry about touch-ups.

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Light Blue & Brass Kitchen Cabinets

IKEA kitchen cabinets in light blue beaded with brass pulls
Semihandmade for IKEA/Sugarsuckle

Looking for chic hardware to go with your brand-new fronts? Don't worry, Semihandmade has those, too. Brass pulls warm up the icy blue IKEA cabinets, at right.

Want to take your IKEA kitchen makeover the extra mile? You can also order new toe kick covers, panels, and filler strips, but the installation will require trimming the oversized pieces and may require calling a professional.

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