Just in time for Earth Day, IKEA’s new sustainable ANVÄNDBAR collection features products made from natural materials and aims to help you live a greener lifestyle. It’s rolling into stores now—check out a few of our favorites below.


Recycling Bench

This bench does double duty. It serves as extra seating or a spot to perch while you put on your shoes, but also opens to store recyclables (bins sold separately). Place this utility piece in your kitchen hallway, mudroom, or by the door

To buy: $99, ikea.com.


Wine Cooler

Whether you’re dining in or alfresco, chill your favorite summer wines in this terracotta wine cooler. The carved designs adds a touch of understated elegance, making it the perfect decor accessory for your table. To prep the wine cooler, soak it in cold water, chill it in the freezer for a few minutes, and put ice at the bottom before you place the bottle inside.

To buy: $13, ikea.com.


Hanging Planter

Display your potted plants on this boho-inspired hanging planter. Vary the container styles and plant types (herbs, succulents, and air plants) to create a lush hanging garden.

To buy: $13 for the net, $30 for the tray, ikea.com.



Use this trio of vases to soak plant cuttings before you put them in your garden. You can also place single blooms and small bouquets inside to display on an entry or dining table.

To buy: $8 for set of 3, ikea.com.


Planter Bench

Get closer to Mother Nature with this smart seat. The bench has an attached planter container so you can grow your favorite foliage and bring the great outdoors inside.

To buy: $249, ikea.com.



With cool graphic designs, these natural cloth bags are perfect for your grocery store or farmer’s market runs. They’re machine washable, so you can use and reuse multiple times—plus, they’re biodegradable, too.

To buy: $4 each, ikea.com.


2-Piece Self-Watering Plant Pot Set

This pot will ensure you never over-water and kill your house plants—use it for succulents or herbs. Pour water into the middle container and the terracotta will absorb and distribute it to the plant evenly and lightly.

To buy: $20, ikea.com.