Update: IKEA Items Are Available on Amazon Prime (Through Third Party Resellers)

Get that new bookcase in two days or less.

Update, IKEA shoppers: While many IKEA items are currently available on Amazon, IKEA recently released a statement clarifying that the items are sold through resellers rather than directly through the company. IKEA is still looking into selling through third-party retailers, but if you can't wait, some sellers are already offering up favorites. See the full statement below, from Mona Liss, corporate public relations manager of IKEA USA. 

"IKEA is not selling products on Amazon or any third party sites at this time. Any IKEA product on Amazon now is being sold by a reseller. IKEA has no relationship with them. Currently IKEA is only exploring opportunities to sell on online platforms, in addition to its own. IKEA sells its products at IKEA stores worldwide and on IKEA.com." 

If you’ve been following the latest from IKEA, you’ve likely already heard the news that the Swedish home goods store may soon begin selling through third party retailers, inspiring hopeful rumors that the KALLAX and BEKVAM would soon be coming to Amazon. Lucky for us, many IKEA items are already available on Amazon.com through third party resellers, including some that are eligible for Amazon Prime. Rather than trek miles to the nearest IKEA, you can now get flat-pack favorites delivered to your door in less than two days.

While browsing the Prime-eligible picks, you may notice that the item prices tend to be higher than the regular in-store prices, so it pays to compare the listed price with the delivery rate on IKEA.com. In general, it seems that when buying larger furniture, it pays to shop on Amazon to avoid the high delivery costs, but smaller items aren’t worth the markup. For example, a $65 KALLAX bookcase is available through one reseller for 3-day shipping via Amazon Prime for $140, while the bookcase plus delivery totals $264 on IKEA.com. While shipping isn’t exactly “free” on many of these IKEA picks, it could pay off if you want to skip those IKEA-induced couples’ fights, the hours spent wandering the maze-like aisles, and the cost of a rental truck. Looking to avoid all of the above? Shop these favorites from the comfort of your EKTORP sofa.


KALLAX Bookcase

Photo by amazon.com

Just what every book lover needs for displaying their collection in color-coded, rainbow order.

To buy: $140; amazon.com.


FJELLSE Solid Wood Bed Frame

Photo by amazon.com

Even this simple wooden bed frame is listed on Amazon. The raw wood design lets you customize the look of the frame, while skipping the expert assembly option will save you $92.

To buy: $118; amazon.com.


NOT Floor Lamp

Photo by amazon.com

This simple standing lamp makes an appearance in many dorm rooms and first apartments. And for less than $20, it’s no surprise why. Add an LED lightbulb for $3 more and you’ll have your lighting needs covered in two days.

To buy: $18; amazon.com.


BILLY Bookcase

Photo by amazon.com

This ever-popular design can now be delivered to your home in just three days, so you can get your space organized in time for that big party or a last-minute visit from the in-laws.

To buy: $176; amazon.com.


SALNAN Seagrass Basket

Photo by amazon.com

If you’re going for a natural, beachy vibe, these woven seagrass baskets will help you nail the look. Leave a set by the door for stashing sandals and beach towels.

To buy: $19 for 2; amazon.com.