Make your kitchen feel like you. 

By Katie Holdefehr
September 03, 2019

Between the sleek stone countertop and the cold tile floor, it's easy for the kitchen to feel like an impersonal space. But don't worry, there are some simple ways to personalize your kitchen that you're likely overlooking. Easy additions, like art that holds special meaning for you or a new sink that matches your home decor style, can be the difference between an impersonal kitchen and a room that feels like you. To bring warmth to the heart of your home, start with a few of the ideas below. You'll be amazed how even tiny tweaks, like adding herbs to the windowsill, can breathe life into your kitchen. 

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Upgrade Your Kitchen Sink

If you've had the same kitchen sink for years and years, it's likely become such a fixture in your kitchen that you haven't even considered an upgrade. But switching to a new sink has the power to completely transform the look of your kitchen. For a sleek, modern style, go with a stainless steel option, like the Elkay Lustertone Iconix Stainless Steel Sink. Not only will the clean lines of this scratch-resistant sink make your kitchen look more sophisticated, but it also features an edgeless drain with no gap between the basin and the drain, so cleanup is easier. Plus, the undermount design creates a seamless appearance between the sink and the countertop—so you'll never again have to clean gunk from the edge of the sink. 

And a New Faucet, Too 

Whether or not you decide to switch out your sink, you can also spring for a new faucet. Find one that fits your personal style, whether that's sleek stainless steel, vintage-inspired brass, or statement-making matte black. If you're keeping your sink and simply upgrading your faucet, look for one in the same style as your current faucet so the swap won't require major changes to your countertop. 

Add Fresh Plants 

Since it's easy for a tiled kitchen to feel a little lifeless, introducing some live greenery is a simple solution. If you don't want to take up counter space, consider hanging a plant from the top of the window frame. And if you cook often, opt for a row of small potted herb plants along your windowsill. 

Corral Cooking Tools in a Stylish Canister

Rather than hide the wooden spoons and spatulas you reach for all the time inside a drawer, collect them in a pretty canister you'll want to leave out on the counter. Not only will it add to your kitchen decor, but everything will be easier to reach when you need it. 

Display Some Serene Artwork 

The kitchen likely isn't the first place you think to place artwork, but a calming ocean scene or beautiful landscape can be the perfect addition near your dishwashing station. 

Let a Soft Rug Cozy Up the Space 

We tend to stand a lot in the kitchen, and adding a soft rug can make the hard tile floor easier on your feet. Look for a runner that matches your personal aesthetic, then make sure it's machine-washable for easy cleanups. 

Buy Linens with a Pop of Color

For a low-commitment way to personalize your kitchen, invest in some colorful, patterned dish towels and cloth napkins. This is an easy way to introduce some color and pattern to your space, without reaching for the paint or wallpaper.