Create a home that feels like you. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated August 12, 2019
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Couch with accent throw pillows
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Especially if you live in a newer construction building or just moved to a house with builder-grade details, you may be itching to personalize your space. When you don't have a hand in selecting the flooring, cabinets, or fixtures in your space, it becomes even more important to choose decor and wall treatments that reflect your personal style. To make your home stand out from every other house on the block, try some of the tricks below to quickly personalize your space. Whether you pick up a can of paint or choose colorful, patterned textiles, here are ways to customize a cookie-cutter house, all without going over budget.

Personalize Your Home with Wallpaper
Credit: Serena & Lily

Add Some Patterned Wallpaper

Not only is playfully patterned wallpaper on-trend right now, but introducing a wallpapered accent wall or nook can infuse a room with personality. Consider wallpapering an alcove in your kitchen, or one small room, like a powder room. Not only will you save money compared to wallpapering the entire room, but it will prevent the pattern from becoming overwhelming.

Check out some of our favorite places to shop for wallpaper (including Serena & Lily, pictured above), no matter if you're looking for floral, geometric, or abstract designs.

Paint Interior Doors

Adding a burst of color is an easy way to set your home apart. And in case you haven't heard: accent doors are the new accent walls. Instead of painting an entire room or wall, focus on letting your interior doors shine with a fresh coat of paint in a color that complements your decor. You'll save money on paint, yet still make a big statement.

Swap Out Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Didn't get to pick out your kitchen cabinets? Don't worry, you can still customize them (on a budget) by replacing the drawer pulls, knobs, and handles. If your style is modern, look for sleek stainless steel, or for a glam look, opt for shiny brass. Be sure to measure your current hardware and choose upgrades that fit the existing holes, so this mini DIY project won't even require picking up a drill.

Introduce Area Rugs

If you didn't get to pick out the flooring in your house (or if you just want to give it an easy refresh), consider adding an area rug. Whether you go with minimalist woven jute, a classic antique rug, or something graphic and colorful, one rug has the power to transform the look of the room.

And if you think picking out an area rug is difficult, you're not alone. Follow these three pro-approved tips for finding a rug you'll want to live with for a long time.

Don't Forget About Textiles

One of the easiest ways to add a dose of personality—that's also inexpensive and low-commitment—is to switch up the textiles. Throw pillow covers, bedding, and even window curtains are easier to swap in and out than furniture or paint colors, so feel free to test out new textiles in your space.

For example, if you have a neutral couch that needs a revamp, order fresh pillow covers and a throw blanket. In the bedroom, the bed itself is typically the focal point of the room, so make sure your bedding matches your personal style. In the bathroom, colorful bath towels, hand towels, and a bathmat can make over the entire room.

Spruce Up the Front Door

If you want your house to stand out even before guests step inside, a front door makeover is an affordable solution. If you have an HOA, check the guidelines for front door colors, but if there are no restrictions, pick a hue that both complements the facade of your home and expresses your personal style. Ready to pick up a paintbrush? Follow our how-to here.

Make It Personal

One fail-proof way to make your home feel like you: fill it with belongings, photos, and finds that hold personal meaning for you. This can mean getting family photos or your kids' artwork framed, buying a glass display box for treasured items, or adding floating shelves for finds from your world travels. An added bonus: these items are great conversation-starters for guests.