How to Incorporate Barbiecore into Your Decor

Think pink—because we all need a little dash of that Barbie bubblegum pink in our lives.

pink, heart-shaped mirror on a pink background
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Hot on the tails of the cottagecore and coastal grandmother trends is a new (and definitely different) design fad—Barbiecore. The iconic fashion doll is red ( pink?) hot right now, as is her favorite hue.

What Is Barbiecore?

If you ever owned the Barbie dream house, you definitely get the vibe—fun, ultrafeminine, and loaded with bright pink hues. (Elle Woods from Legally Blonde could be another source of design inspo.) While trend design firm WGSN has been credited with suggesting a Barbie-ish hue, orchid flower, as a potential hot color for 2022 alllllll the way back in 2020, others suggest that Greta Gerwig's upcoming Barbie movie (and the viral shots of Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Reynolds channeling his best Ken) as revving up the interest in all things pink. (And of course, it definitely feels like we could all use something fun right now!)

Tips for Adding Barbiecore to Your Decor

The fashion world has been swifter to embrace the Barbiecore trend, with celebrities like Zendaya, Reese Witherspoon, Lizzo, and the Kardashians all showing off Barbie pink ensembles in recent months. But that doesn't mean that you can't think pink with some Barbiecore home decor as well. "People are starting to use color more and more in their designs," says designer Tamara Day, host of Magnolia Network's Bargain Mansions. "I think that's a big part of why Barbiecore is so popular—using fun and exciting colors gives a house a feel for the owners' personalities."

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Decide how much you want to commit to Barbiecore

If you're a diehard fan, maybe you do want to splurge on the all-pink appliances for your kitchen or a hot-pink sofa. But for most people, think small touches. "Incorporate Barbiecore into bold artwork and fun accessories," Day says. "Throw pillows and coffee table books are affordable and easy to update as trends change."

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Choose rooms that are a little more casual

A formal dining room may not be the best place to unleash your inner Barbie. Day likes to use bold colors in rooms like the laundry room, entry or pantry. "I love making those spaces super playful and fun. Any thing to make laundry fun, right?"

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Find your balance

All Barbie, all the time will put you deeply into kitsch territory, so offset the pink with some classic items. "I always like to balance trends with classic pieces," Day says. "If you have bold trendy accessories, balance it with timeless furniture pieces."

Barbiecore Decor for Your Home

Want a cheat sheet to add a little Barbiecore to your home? Try these fun home goods to brighten up your space.

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Heart-Shaped Mirror


This fun pink LED makeup mirror looks straight out of Barbie's dream house.

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Tilda Table Lamp

Pink ball-shaped lamp with white lampshade for barbiecore

This petite pink gumball of a lamp is a perfectly stylish addition to your bedside table.

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Haveli Dessert Plates

Pink and lime green plate with black striped butterfly

These dishes look like they came straight from Barbie's dream house, with their bold colors and butterfly motif.

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The World Through Pink Sunglasses Vase

pink glass vase with a pink ranunculus flower in it
Lively Root

This ultramodern pink vase is perfect for showcasing a single bloom (in Barbie pink, naturally).

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The Green Mad House Barbie Framed Art

Barbie plastic shoes, purses, and jewelry in red, pink and purple, arranged on a white canvas and framed with a white frame
The Green Mad House/Etsy

If you want to go hardcore Barbiecore, The Green Mad House shop on Etsy has you covered with statement-piece artwork made of artfully arranged Barbie accessories. (We can imagine this giving a little extra panache to a walk-in closet.)

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Velvet Office Chair

Barbie pink velvet office chair on a gold wheeled base
World Market

Add a little Barbie glam to your WFH setup with this bold pink office chair clad in soft and comfy velvet.

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Pink Italian Retro Cocktail Glasses

Textured pale pink cocktail glasses

Serve up a little rosé (or a dirty Shirley) in these textured cocktail glasses with a pretty blush hue.

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Love Bird Embroidered Pillow

White pillow with pink embroidered pattern with flowers and birds
Rifle Paper Co.

For a slightly more subtle nod to Barbie, add this pretty pink pillow to your bed or sofa.

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Solid Cashmere Throw

Pink cashmere throw

This luxe cashmere throw is a little darker and more sophisticated than the brighter Barbie pink—perfect for the less adventurous Barbiecore fan.

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