Not sure how to create a home that truly reflects your personality? Start with these easy tricks.
Find Your Personal Home Decor Style, living room with blue paint
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Our homes provide us with the perfect canvas to show off our unique personalities. They should not only feel comfortable, but also reflect our lifestyles. All too often, this is easier said than done. If you're ready to craft your own personal home decor style this year, read on for six easy ways to find inspiration—beyond following gorgeous design blogs on Instagram.

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1 Start a Pinterest board.

Spending time perusing the multitude of images on Pinterest can be so inspiring, but the ability to save the images we admire in one place is priceless. Create a board devoted to style and use it as a gathering spot for images that speak to you. Every so often, review what you've saved to tap into what you're drawn to.

2 Purchase an "anchor" design piece.

Find one object, such as a centerpiece bowl, lamp, frame—even a small piece of furniture that you just love. Use it as your design anchor, and style the rest of the room off of that one piece. That way, you have something you truly enjoy to reference back to as you explore other ideas for your home.

3 Create a real-life mood board.

While similar to Pinterest, a real-life mood board provides a realistic look at the styles you love. It may sound simple, but a cork board provides the perfect canvas to collect and pin inspiration onto. Perhaps it's a professionally styled spread of a home from a magazine that you're drawn to, a postcard, or a scrap of ribbon. As you continue to collect items and add to your mood board, you're sure to see your own personal style evolve.

4 Start small by designing a vignette.

Find a small space in your home, such as an end table, your bedroom dresser, or a small shelf. Gather a few objects such as a vase, decorative bowl, framed photo, or artwork—anything that tickles your fancy. Arrange them and live with it for a week or so to see if the items have long-term appeal. Designing one small area is much less intimidating than an entire room, and if you end up liking what you create, you can spread that style across your entire home.

5 Take a flower arranging class (or watch some YouTube videos).

Flowers are a source of inspiration for so much of what goes on in fashion, beauty, and home decor. The opportunity to play around with blooms in various hues, shapes, and textures can help you tap into what speaks to your soul most. For example, if you're drawn to a minimalist, symmetrical arrangement, the clean lines of modern decor may be best for you.

6 Visit a designer showhouse.

Many interior designers participate in showhouses, and often, the proceeds go to charity. Designers get the opportunity to decorate a room that best reflects what styles and trends they are currently embracing. Whether in real life or virtual, a visit to one can help you tap into what you'd like to see in your own home. Follow along with our fourth annual Real Simple Home to find plenty of design and organization inspiration.