5 Best Items to Shop for at HomeGoods—Plus How to Score the Best Deals

HomeGoods pros share their insider secrets.

HomeGoods is a treasure trove of discounted home décor, furniture, and accessories—especially if you know the right way to shop. Going in with an open mind is always a good idea (you know: you arrive searching for a lamp and leave with enough finds to redo your whole living room), but there are a few items to always keep an eye out for. Here are the best items to scout at HomeGoods, plus some proven shopping strategies, according to the experts.

Best Things to Buy at HomeGoods, teal chair, decorative pillow, vase, sculpture, and yellow wall

The Best Items to Shop at HomeGoods

Seasonal and Holiday Décor

"My first stop at HomeGoods is the seasonal or holiday displays because they're typically full of fun, fresh, and out-of-the-box finds," says Jenny Reimold, an interior stylist and HomeGoods style expert. "I love hunting through the seasonal items and have found inspiration for many of my tablescapes and holiday trees!"

Throw Pillows

After checking out the seasonal aisles, Reimold's next stop is throw pillows and blankets. "With seven children, I am always looking to swap out these items, and HomeGoods has a wide selection that makes it easy to do so." When you want to give your home a quick refresh with colorful pillows or a new throw blanket, HomeGoods is the place to go.


"My strategy is based on my must-visit sections," explains Beth Diana Smith, an interior designer and HomeGoods style expert. The first stop: art. When your home features too many blank white walls, but you aren't ready to invest thousands of dollars in art, HomeGoods is the answer. If you keep visiting and search the art aisle, you'll find pieces that fit almost any décor, from vibrant modern art to minimalist landscapes.

Accent Chairs

If you're looking for a side chair for your living room, HomeGoods probably has it. After perusing the art section, Smith's next stop is accent chairs and benches. Since these are one-off pieces, you don't have to worry about finding a matching set, as long as the chair coordinates with furniture you already own.

Vases and Décor Accents

HomeGoods is well-known for its impressive selection of accessories—the type of vases, decorative objects, and candle holders that make for impressive shelfies, credenza displays, and vignettes. And the experts agree!

"I will not leave HomeGoods without looking at the vases and décor, coffee table books, art, and accent chairs," Smith insists. "Vases and décor are hands-down my number-one favorite thing. I always find stellar pieces and prices on items like brass decorative accessories, Buddha statues, colorful ceramic vases, and more."

How to Find the Best Deals at HomeGoods

Try "freestyle" shopping.

"Some of my favorite HomeGoods purchases have come from what I call 'freestyle shopping,' where you see an item and remember, 'Yes, I actually need this woven laundry basket, and it's under $25!'" says Reimold. While you can certainly go into the store with certain items in mind, be open to unexpected finds that come your way.

Find out when your store restocks.

"Be sure to make friends with your store manager for the scoop on delivery days and times," recommends Reimold. "Each store's delivery days are different. My favorite local Nashville store unloads on Wednesday and Saturday mornings."

Once you know the delivery day, Reimold suggests shopping the day after, right when the store opens. "I prefer to shop the day after because it gives store associates 12 to 24 hours to unload the trucks and stock the shelves."

On the other hand, Smith prefers not to wait: "I like to be there while they are still restocking the shelves with new arrivals, so I'm the first to look and grab those eye-catching finds for my projects."

Whether you shop during restocking or wait until just after, both experts agree: Get there early for first pick of those freshly stocked treasures.

If you love something, grab it.

"Pro tip: Don't take your eyes off an item you love!" says Smith. "If it's too big for the cart, definitely have it stored at the front with an associate and put your name on it."

Do a final lap.

Regardless if you make a beeline for your favorite sections or slowly meander aisle-by-aisle, it's a good idea to take a quick final lap around the store before you leave. There's so much to look at, it's easy to miss that must-have vase or table lamp hidden at the back of a shelf.

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