Home Upgrade: Designer Riche Holmes Grant Helps a Family DIY Their 'Clutter Room' Into a Bright, Organized Space

See how one family tames the toy clutter to create space for lounging, reading, playing, crafting, and homework in our new video series, Home Upgrade.

Do you have a room in your home that doesn't quite work for you? That was the dilemma that faced the Guarneri family of Southern California and their not-quite-right family room, which they deemed the "clutter room."

They turned to designer Riche Holmes Grant for some solutions for taming the toy clutter and turning the family room into a space that works for both parents and kids—and will grow with the kids in the future.

Holmes Grant opted to create designated spaces for different activities—a colorful reading nook with cute poufs where the kids can sit and enjoy a good read, and a more adult area, where Joyce and her husband could unwind on the sectional. With a simple desk, shelving, and peel-and-stick wallpaper, Holmes Grant transformed a closet into a functional (and fun!) mini office, homework, and craft spot.

To hide the toys, Holmes Grant suggested using a system of baskets and crates to maintain a more streamlined and relaxing look for the space. And as a finishing touch, she created a black-and-white photo wall of family photos as a highlight of the adult space.

Watch the family room transformation come to life in our new series, Home Upgrade, then shop the products below to create your own hangout space.

Reading Nook Wall

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Yellow Velvet Flat Pouf

Product of a Yellow Velvet Flat Pouf
Courtesy of Crate and Barrel

These cozy poufs are perfect for creating a reading nook for kids.

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Birds in Harmony Mobile

Photo of a Birds in Harmony Mobile
Courtesy of MoMA Store

Holmes Grant added this artful mobile over the reading nook to add a bright bit of color.

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Acrylic Invisible Floating Bookshelf

Photo of a Acrylic Invisible Floating Bookshelf
Courtesy of Amazon

These clear floating shelves can help keep kids' books corralled—and within easy reach.

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Custom Wooden Monogram Signs

Photo of a Custom Wooden Monogram Signs
Courtesy of 48 Hour Monogram

Colorful name plaques help set aside spaces for each child.

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Multi Color Throw with Tufted Dots & Tassles

Photo of a Multi Color Throw with Tufted Dots & Tassles
Courtesy of Burke Decor

Add in a colorful throw to make it even more enticing to cozy up with a good book.

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Sloan Toy Chest - White

Photo of a Sloan Toy Chest - White
Courtesy of West Elm

This sleek toy chest can keep a generous helping of toys under wraps.

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Ziggy Multicolor Rug

Photo of a Ziggy Multicolor Rug
Courtesy of Ruggable

This colorful rug from Ruggable is the perfect marriage of bright, kid-friendly colors with a more grown-up pattern. Bonus: the rug cover comes off of the pad and can easily be thrown in the washing machine when the inevitable spills happen.

Converted Closet Space

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Courtesy of Ikea

This simple desk is the perfect spot for the kids (or adults) to take on craft projects or homework.

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White Task Chairs

Photo of a White Task Chair
Courtesy of Wayfair

A pair of rolling chairs makes it easy to gather for crafting time.

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Photo of a TROXHULT Wall Shelf
Courtesy of Ikea

Add a shelf to store crafting materials and other desk essentials, to help you keep the desk space clear for activities.

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Sky Blue Mod Chevron Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Photo of a sample of Sky Blue Mod Chevron Peel and Stick Wallpaper
Courtesy of Home Depot

Skip the mess of wallpaper glue with a stylish peel-and-stick option to highlight a specific part of the room.

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Wire Curtain Hanging System With Clips

Photo of a Wire Curtain Hanging System With Clips
Courtesy of Amazon

All you need for a gallery wall is this wire and hook setup—you can keep changing out the artwork as your child creates new masterpieces.

Blue Wall (Couch)

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Valspar Enchanted Navy

Photo of a color sample of Valspar Enchanted Navy
Courtesy of Valspar

A sophisticated navy blue makes the perfect accent wall for the "adult" side of the room, while still working beautifully with the color scheme.

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Contemporary, 12 x 12 Inch White Picture Frame

Photo of Contemporary, 12 x 12 Inch White Picture Frames
Courtesy of Amazon

Using a uniform set of simple frames makes your artwork or sentimental photos the star of the show.

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Pearl Gray Lush Velvet Pillow Covers

Photo of a Pearl Gray Lush Velvet Pillow Cover
Courtesy of West Elm

A soothing soft gray pillow adds a sophisticated (and cozy) touch to the sofa.

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20" Estela Gray and White Pillow

Photo of a 20" Estela Gray and White Pillow
Courtesy of CB2

Add pillows of different textures but a similar color scheme for a relaxing (but still interesting) vibe.

Yellow Wall (TV)

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Valspar Gold Abundance

Photo of a color sample of Valspar Gold Abundance
Courtesy of Valspar

This bright gold color adds a sunny touch to the more kid-friendly side of the room.

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Six Cube Shelf

Photo of a Six Cube Shelf
Courtesy of Sprout

This storage solution makes it easy for kids to access (and put away) their toys—you can use the open shelving, or opt for bins to help hide away the clutter.

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Large White Crates

Photo of a Large White Crate
Courtesy of Crate and Barrel

These large white crates fit perfectly in the shelving unit, and store plenty of toys.

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Small Aqua Crates

Photo of a Small Aqua Crate
Courtesy of Crate and Barrel

Use these colorful smaller crates to make the toys easier for smaller kids to manage.

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Savannah Handwoven Seagrass Tote Baskets

Photo of Savannah Handwoven Seagrass Tote Baskets
Courtesy of Pottery Barn

A pretty seagrass basket is the perfect place to stash stuffed animals and other larger toys.

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Matisse Art Print 1

Photo of a Wildlife Cutouts by Henri Matisse Art Print
Courtesy of Society6

The colors in this "Wildlife" art print from Henri Matisse perfectly match the reading nook's rug.

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Matisse Art Print 2

Photo of Henri Matisse - Leaves - Blue Art Print
Courtesy of Society6

Matisse art prints pull together the room's color scheme—and are stylish enough to suit both parents and kids alike.

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Matisse Art Print 3

Photo of a Matisse - Papiers Découpés (Cut Out Papers) 1952 Artwork Art Print
Courtesy of Society6

These bold colors and simple lines will still look stylish in the family room long after the kids are grown.

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