8 Home Styling Secrets Professional Home Stagers Swear By

Plus, the trick to making your home smell amazing. It isn't freshly-baked cookies (though that would be nice, too).

Typically, you call in professional home stagers when you're about to sell your house, and their styling magic makes your home sell faster and (if they're really good!) for more than you expected. But what if you could borrow some of that home styling wisdom even when you're not planning to sell anytime soon? Equipped with their room-arranging know-how and bedroom tidying tips, you can create a beautiful home you'll enjoy living in. Here are some home styling secrets from the pros at Upstaging Seattle for those who plan to sell their homes, and those who simply want to love the home they have.

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Declutter, declutter, declutter!

"We cannot stress this enough! Clutter makes the space appear messy, smaller, darker, and just unappealing," warn the home staging experts at Upstaging Seattle. "Buyers are looking for a fresh start—how can they imagine that with all the clutter?"

Even if you're not selling your home in the years ahead, decluttering your space will give your family its own fresh start. Not sure where to begin? Here are 10 things you can toss from your living room right now and never miss.

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Tidy your bedroom.

"In your primary bedroom, clean off the nightstands, open the curtains, and steam the bedding. You'll be amazed at what just doing those three simple things will do to a room."

Not selling your house? Try this trifecta: Clear the nightstands, draw the curtains, and make the bed for an instant room refresh.

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Rethink the layout.

To optimize space, the home stagers recommend making sure there's enough room between furniture to allow people to move freely. This will also make the room appear larger.

You may need to reconsider the room's layout or remove some unnecessary pieces in order to fix the flow of your space.

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Layer the lighting.

One common mistake these home styling pros see all the time is rooms that are too dimly light. The solution: "Add floor and table lamps to brighten up darker rooms and to make the space feel lighter and brighter."

Pro tip: Make sure the lightbulbs are matching throughout the room, so they're all emitting the same color light.

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Apply some fresh paint.

When you're selling your home, a crisp coat of white paint is an easy (read: renovation-free) way to update the space. Neutrals like white or gray will appeal to the most people. "Our personal favorite is Decorator's White by Benjamin Moore for its freshness and versatility."

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Refresh the bathroom.

Hide the plunger and replace your shower curtain. Prospective buyers don't want to go into your bathroom and see used things.

Not selling? Pay yourself the same courtesy by investing in a plunger with a discreet storage caddy ($40, target.com). Replace that soap scum-covered shower curtain, or try this quick cleaning trick.

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Create a warm welcome.

Set out a stylish welcome mat and introduce some fresh greenery. These two small and inexpensive additions to the front entrance help make a great first impression.

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Don't forget the scents.

Boil some orange peels and cinnamon sticks and "your house will smell amazing," the home stylers promise. You can also try this before friends stop by or even to improve your mood on a weekday night.

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