Hint: You really don't need to spend much to create your dream office. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated January 07, 2019
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woman working at home office in kitchen
Credit: Maskot ./Getty Images

When space is tight and your budget is even tighter, these home office decor ideas will help you build the work-from-home zone you've always wanted. No matter if you work full-time from a corner of your living room or just want a cozy nook to do your taxes, these tiny offices spotted on Instagram prove you don't need to spend a lot to create a gorgeous workspace. The trick is to choose furniture that fits your room (even if that means skipping the traditional desk) and harnessing the power of paint. Ready to step up your work-from-home game this year? Check out the home office ideas below, then watch as your productivity skyrockets.

Ditch the Desk

When you don't have a full room to devote to your home office, you may want to follow the lead of Lucy Jessica Home and skip the full-size desk. Instead, she used a leaning ladder shelf (similar to this one from Wayfair) to create a work surface and hold office supplies. The shelving unit is slim, so it doesn't take up much space in the room. Art and plants on the top shelves create a zen working environment, while storage boxes on the lower shelves can hide documents and receipts.

Let Color Set the Mood

In the home office of Dutch interior design blogger @keeely91, green paint and plants set the scene for a productive workspace. Studies have shown that green offices may boost productivity, so surrounding yourself with green walls and green plants is not just a matter of aesthetics, but also efficiency. To prevent the color from feeling overwhelming, follow the designer's lead and paint just half the wall.

Work the Wall Space

If you want to make the most of your small home office, then you're going to have to let the walls do some work. In the office of @cottoncandystories, the cute cats may steal the spotlight, but the wall-hanging shelves and wire grid organizer are the real stars. Order a set of shelves to display plants and knick-knacks, then invest in a grid organizer to hold notes and reminders.

Face the Door

When you're trying to use space as efficiently as possible, a small desk area tends to leave you facing the wall. This may help some people focus, but for others, facing away from the door to the room feels uncomfortable. If you fall into the latter group, position your desk diagonally, cutting off just one small corner of the room, as blogger Laura Behnke did, above. Then, add a slim bookcase or some wall-hanging shelves behind the desk to make use of every single square foot.

Design for How You Work

There is no one right way to design an office space—it all depends on the type of work you do and how you personally like to work. For interior stylist Heather Milner, a nook surrounded in floral wallpaper with a view outside provides the stimulation she needs for creative ideas to flow. But if you know you can't work when things are too messy or colorful, opt for a clean white workspace with a clutter-free desk and minimal decor. No matter your home office style, introduce at least one live, easy-to-care-for plant into this space. Plants will bring beauty, oxygen, and life into your work area.