This Entryway Mat Doesn't Just Look Good—It Keeps Rain, Dirt, and Grime Out of Your Home, Too

Muddy shoes, meet your match.

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Indoor Doormat, Front Back Door Mat Rubber Backing Non Slip Door Mats

When it comes to products that help keep your house clean, function typically trumps style. While this is fine for something like a broom or a trash bin, you might be pickier about the look of multipurpose decor items. Exhibit A? Your entryway rugs. Rather than settling for a basic mat or continuously cleaning up the unwanted gunk shoes track indoors, you can rely on one particular entryway rug to eat up dirt and water yet still look chic.

Highcorfe's indoor doormat is capable of keeping grime from spreading into other areas of your home—and tying together your foyer. The tightly woven material looks clean and stylish but secretly holds onto outdoor elements with ease. And its rubberized backing means it won't slide around your entryway either.

Indoor Doormat, Front Back Door Mat Rubber Backing Non Slip Door Mats

To buy: $14 (was $17);

While you might expect a rug capable of absorbing moisture and dirt to be thick, this well-designed textile lands on the slimmer side without losing its efficiency. "While this doormat is a bit thinner than expected, I actually am glad it is," explained a shopper. "My front door doesn't get caught in it when opened. It's not so thin where it feels flimsy or cheap. It looks and feels high quality, and for the price, it's a steal."

And once it's had a good run of trapping dust, mud, rain, and foliage, cleaning it is as easy as tossing it in the washing machine. The occasional shake-out or vacuum won't hurt it either. And if you think a little bit outside the box with your cleaning setup, you won't need to lift a finger. As one reviewer mentioned, a "robot vacuum glides right over it."

Pet owners will be thrilled with how functional it is, too. "We put this next to our sliding door that our puppy is constantly in and out of," wrote a satisfied reviewer. "She's constantly digging in dirt/mud and tracks it inside. This mat catches most of it and hides it very well!" Another dog owner also commended the rug after their puppy had an accident: "It beaded up on the mat, and I was able to jump into action and absorb everything with a paper towel before it soaked in."

Save yourself the pain of sweeping and mopping every time the outdoors makes its way inside with this entryway rug that won't cramp your style or your cleaning schedule. Grab one today while it's 15 percent off on Amazon.

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