It will make your space really shine.
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Grout Application
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When you’re planning your next makeover project in the kitchen or bathroom, think beyond the tile and focus on the grout. Yes, you read that right—the grout, the stuff that keeps your tiles in place. You’ve probably seen it in neutrals like white and beige, but have you ever seen a glittery version?

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Glitter grout is apparently a home décor trend to watch. It’s an easy way to give your your floors or backsplash a little bit more pizzazz—whether you have plain tiles or ones with an intricate design (depending on your décor style, of course). “Glitter grout is exactly like regular grout,” Sarah Fishburne, director of trend and design at The Home Depot, told Real Simple. “It behaves like a normal grout, and the installation is the same. You buy it pre-mixed, and it is a great decorative accent to add sheen and dimension to a backsplash.” Plus, the cost is comparable to regular grout.

We can just picture this sparkly grout used in a plain white subway tile backsplash, or in a shower to complement some shiny brass or chrome fixtures. Just a little bit of shine will make your visitors do a double take. Staffordshire Silicones in the U.K. received a lot of attention on social media with its glitter grout line, and the company offers a pre-mixed version and or loose glitter additives to mix in. You can also buy it in the United States, too—Home Depot has a version that retails for about $30.

And it looks like this trend isn’t going to fade anytime soon. “We’ve seen a rise in purchases of the product,” Fishburne says. “There has been an uptick in interest in these glitter colors recently, which were first introduced in March 2015."

Take a look at some ways people on Instagram have used glitter grout below: