Yes, you can even enjoy a holiday lunch at Lorelai's house.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated October 24, 2019

While it can be agreed that Stars Hollow looked magical no matter the season, the quaint town took on new level of charm during the holiday season. Who can forget the adorable winter carnival in the town square, or the ice skating rink Luke built for Lorelai in the front yard, or the endless cups of hot coffee sipped at Luke's diner? And what if we told you it's possible to visit the fictional Connecticut town where it all took place? This year, Gilmore Girls fans can relive all of this holiday magic by booking a tour of the back-lot set where the show was filmed in Burbank, California. From December 21, 2019 to January 5, 2020, the Warner Bros. Studio is decking out the Stars Hollow set for the holidays, so fans of the show can book a tour and enjoy a holiday lunch that would make Sookie proud.

What can you expect when exploring the Stars Hollow set? First, you'll want to grab a photo op in front of the actual "Stars Hollow" sign from the show. From there, head to the gazebo in the center of town (there's no better place to get married or tell your mom you're pregnant, right?!). While this is the second year that the Warner Bros. Studio has opened Stars Hollow during the holidays, new this year is the addition of the iconic Luke's Diner.

If the grand tour has you craving some of Lorelai's favorite foods, there will be lunch available for purchase on set as well. According to the menu listed on the FAQ page for the tour, options will include a holiday-style meal (although the site doesn't specify exactly what that will entail), along with pizza, hamburgers, chicken tenders, hotdogs, and of course, the Gilmore Girls' classic, Pop Tarts. Oh, and lots and lots of coffee. There will also be vegetarian and gluten-free options available.

So how much will you need to shell out to live a day in Stars Hollow? The Gilmore Girls Holiday Tour is included in the price of the Studio Tour, Classics Made Here Tour, and Deluxe Tour. The Studio Tour is $69 for adults, $59 for children ages 8 to 12 (children under 8 are not permitted), and $57 for SoCal residents. Lunch is not included in the ticket price but can be purchased separately. Just be sure to bring enough cash—because you're definitely going to want to follow Lorelai's lead and indulge in that third cup of coffee.