This is the most brilliant DIY you'll see all season.
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Giant ornaments on stoop
Credit: Marla Christiansen

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Giant ornaments outside
Credit: Marla Christiansen

Get Your Glow On

If you're looking for an easy holiday decorating idea that makes a big statement, look no further than these glowing, oversized Christmas ornaments. The secret to giant outdoor ornaments that really light up is to start with LED-powered solar lanterns in festive colors, and then work some DIY magic. Place these eye-catching decorations on your front stoop, lawn, or porch—these weatherproof orbs will shine whether displayed indoors or out.

Giant ornaments supplies
Credit: Marla Christiansen

What You'll Need:

Follow These Steps:

1. Poke two large holes on opposite, far edges of the bottom of the plastic container. Then make two small holes ¼-inch apart in the center of the container.

2. Paint the container with silver spray paint, then let dry completely.

3. Remove the hanger from the top of the solar panel. Using needle nose pliers, bend the ends of the wire so they are facing one another. Then thread the ends through the two large holes in the container.

4. Turn on and assemble the lantern by inserting the wire frame into the holes in the cap. Pull the lantern up, resting the wire loops on top of the ridges in the wire frame.

Giant ornaments how to
Credit: Marla Christiansen

Attach the Cap

5. Cut a 12-inch piece of floral wire and thread it through the ridges in the lantern's wire frame, then up through the two small holes in the plastic container.

Giant ornaments how to
Credit: Marla Christiansen

Top It Off

6. Twist the floral wire until the plastic container rests firmly against the lantern. Cut off any excess wire.

Giant Christmas ornaments
Credit: Marla Christiansen

Let Them Shine

The festive colors will brighten up your home by day, while the solar-powered lights glow at night.