Easy Ways to Refresh Your Front Porch Decor for Spring

Simply host Brandi Milloy offers tips for making your front door a more beautiful and welcoming space for spring.

Your front door is the first thing your guests see when they come over, so give it some love this spring with fresh new decor. This is a great way to welcome those warm weather months and bring signs of spring into your home.

Step One: Clean the area

Start by giving your front porch a thorough cleaning. Sweep, vacuum, dust, and wipe everything down. This long bristle brush easily grabs spiderwebs and dust bunnies from hard-to-reach areas. For the walls, tile, and glass, my go-to cleaning solution is half vinegar, half dish soap. Warm up the vinegar before adding it to a spray bottle, top with equal parts dish soap, then give it a good shake. This is by far the best homemade cleaner!

Step Two: Decorate your door

Once you've cleaned your area, it's time to dress your door. I chose a floral wreath to add a bit of color, but you could also hang a basket filled with dried flowers, a beautiful wooden sign, or ribbon on your door.

Swapping out your doormat is a great way to give your front door some new appeal. This welcome mat by Letterfolk is so much fun and I love being able to personalize it depending on my mood. The rubber tiles come in a ton of different colors, which means the design possibilities are endless.

Nothing says spring like fresh flowers. Planting fresh flowers in a few new pots immediately gives this space color and texture. I chose to plant a variety in each pot, and only plants that would thrive in my space. Since my porch gets full sun each day, I went with flowers and plants that can withstand all that light. When you're shopping at your garden center, be sure to ask the experts about what plants and flowers are best for your space. When it comes to deciding where to put the plants, I used the rule of three, or placed groupings in odd numbers.

Step Three: Add some functional updates

Since we are a shoeless home, I've always wanted a bench outside for guests to sit and remove their shoes. This bench is beautiful and narrow enough to fit in our space. Adding a few fluffy printed pillows in gingham and soft pastels gives that spring feel and can easily be swapped out next season. Then I added a few baskets to go underneath to keep shoes out of the walkway. I also added this umbrella holder in the corner.

I love how my new front porch area turned out! It feels so inviting and fresh and makes me so happy every time I open my door. I hope this video gives inspires you to give your space a little upgrade for spring.

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