Our Favorite Scented Candles

Need a quick room makeover? Add in a layer of deliciously scented candles and your home will immediately transform.


No. 153 Tabac Candle


Made with organic soy and essential oils, this earthy candle boasts hints of cedar wood, musk, and lemon to bring some lovely outdoor aromas into your home.

To buy: $65, amazon.com.

Photo by amazon.com

Voluspa Two Wick Candle


An unusual pairing of fruity and smoky scents, this candle is a great price and will burn for over 50 hours.

To buy: $18, nordstrom.com.

Photo by nordstrom.com

Holiday Hearth Candle


Don’t want to say goodbye to the holiday season just yet? This candle will ensure that your house smells like Christmas all year long. A bright red accent in a shiny gold vessel, it will spark joy with its combo of crisp scents—like pine, evergreen, winter berries, and cinnamon.

To buy: $38, jonathanadler.com.

Photo by jonathanadler.com


Winter White


This aromatic woodsy candle has hints of cardamom, pink peppercorn, and amber inside a geometric gold container.

To buy: $23, illumecandles.com.

Photo by illumecandles.com

Cedar Amber White Candle


The simple and elegant design of this candle mimics the beautiful clean smell. Hints of bergamot, saffron, and cardamom are combined with cedar wood and amber to create a rich, fresh fragrance.

To buy: $34, hillhousenaturals.com.

Photo by hillhousenaturals.com