Green thumb not required.

By Katie Holdefehr
June 23, 2017

Between remembering to water them, letting them soak up the sun without frying their leaves, and keeping them away from your pets, caring for houseplants is harder than it seems. But Pinterest has some good news for those who didn’t inherit a green thumb: Embroidered (aka, impossible to kill) plants are trending right now. According to Pinterest’s summer entertaining report, searches for these hand-stitched cacti and coleus are up 195 percent on the site. Similar to DIY paper succulents, these handmade masterpieces bring all the beauty of real plants into your home, but require zero maintenance—so there’s no need to feel guilty about being a neglectful plant parent. To bring these everlasting plants into your life, follow some flora-stitching Instagrammers or search Etsy for kits to craft your own. Go ahead, get that gorgeous (yet hard to care for) orchid you’ve been coveting.

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