These Impossible-to-Kill Plants Are Trending on Pinterest

Green thumb not required.

Between remembering to water them, letting them soak up the sun without frying their leaves, and keeping them away from your pets, caring for houseplants is harder than it seems. But Pinterest has some good news for those who didn’t inherit a green thumb: Embroidered (aka, impossible to kill) plants are trending right now. According to Pinterest’s summer entertaining report, searches for these hand-stitched cacti and coleus are up 195 percent on the site. Similar to DIY paper succulents, these handmade masterpieces bring all the beauty of real plants into your home, but require zero maintenance—so there’s no need to feel guilty about being a neglectful plant parent. To bring these everlasting plants into your life, follow some flora-stitching Instagrammers or search Etsy for kits to craft your own. Go ahead, get that gorgeous (yet hard to care for) orchid you’ve been coveting.


Stitched Summer Bouquet

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Sarah K. Benning is one of the artists leading the stitched houseplant trend, and her Instagram account is a must-follow for monstera lovers and cacti enthusiasts. She offers patterns on Etsy so you can try your hand at stitching her most popular designs. The current pattern is a vibrant bouquet that won’t wilt in the summer sun.


Tropical Plants Kit

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Jessica Long founded Namaste Embroidery as a new mom, when she realized that stitching was a mess-free and portable replacement for her usual stress-relieving hobbies, painting and yoga. To tap into the patience-building benefits of embroidery, try one of the leaf pattern kits. Beginners can stitch around the outline of the leaves, while more advanced stitchers can fill in the forms as a meditative exercise.


Botanical Plant Art

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On her Etsy shop Tusk + Twine, Kate Beardmore lists hand-stitched leaves and wildflowers that would perk up any blank wall in your home. For about $30 a pop, these handmade pieces are very affordable works of art.


“Can’t Touch This” Cactus

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The combination of prickly cacti and a cheeky phrase will infuse any room with personality. Based in New Jersey, the KimArt Etsy shop also creates custom orders for weddings, so you can celebrate the couple’s everlasting love with a never-wilting bouquet.


“Pots in a Row” Embroidery

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Why invest in a set of windowsill plants that are likely to swelter in the summer sun when you can buy a row of worry-free stitched succulents? Amy Jones, the embroiderer behind the tongue-in-cheek Etsy shop Cheese Before Bedtime, specializes in hand-crafted cacti and birds with embroidered plumage, offering one-of-a-kind gifts for plant lovers and bird watchers alike.