I've Owned These Blackout Curtains From Walmart For Years, and I Don't Know What I'd Do Without Them

For staying cool and eliminating screen glare.

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Eclipse Dayton Solid Color Blackout Grommet Single Curtain Panel

There are times when you want to pull your curtains open and let sunshine flood into your bedroom. Then there are times when you just want to pull them closed, turn off the lights, and escape into the world of a movie or TV show from the comfort of your bed. For the moments when you want to shut out the world beyond your window, you need a set of blackout curtains.

Whether I'm watching TV, playing video games, or typing away for work, I spend a lot of time looking at screens. In the past, regardless of how I organized my room, the sun created pesky glares across my screens. That is, until my mother kindly (or perhaps out of weariness from hearing me complain about the sun on a daily basis), ordered the Eclipse Dayton curtains from Walmart as a gift for me a few years ago. I still have them hanging in my room today. They're super effective at blocking out light, and, since I've had them for so long, I can attest to their durability.

I love my curtains so much that I ordered another pair for my home office when working from home became my norm last year. Walmart has plenty of options from the brand to choose from, and this time around I opted for the Eclipse Samara curtains, which are equally as effective as my original ones.

Enjoying glare-free screens isn't the only benefit that comes with the Eclipse curtains. By fully blocking out the sun, they work with my air conditioner to keep me and my room cool at all times, even in the summer. I no longer dread 3:00 p.m., aka the time when the sun comes blasting through my home office windows so aggressively I would start to sweat if it weren't for my blackout curtains.

Since these curtains ensure none of your air conditioner's power goes to waste and that there's less heat to counter, they're energy efficient. Best of all, their energy-saving powers adapt with the seasons: In the winter, they can help insulate your room to keep the heat in.

Moreover, city-dwellers may find these curtains particularly useful at blocking out the constant nighttime glow of streetlights and cars, which can make getting a good night's rest difficult. They're also thick enough to help reduce the noise that comes in from outside—though it probably won't make loud truck honks at 3 a.m. fully disappear.

For a better night's sleep and a more energy-efficient space, check out all of the Eclipse curtain styles at Walmart today. They're available in dozens of colors, so you can find the panel that best fits with your decor.

Eclipse Dayton Blackout Curtain

Eclipse Dayton Solid Color Blackout Grommet Single Curtain Panel

Eclipse Samara Blackout Curtain

Eclipse Dayton Solid Color Blackout Grommet Single Curtain Panel
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