These mini moves will shake up your home decor (without you spending a fortune). 

By Katie Holdefehr
March 06, 2019
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Whether your home decor hasn't changed in the past 10 years or you're itching for a style refresh in time for spring, switching up your home decor is easier (and more affordable) than you think. These easy home decor ideas work with what you already own—plus a few affordable finds—to update your space without investing in brand-new furniture or taking on a big project. Little changes, like rethinking your furniture arrangement or adding removable decals to your bedroom dresser, will give your space a fresh look for less. These mini makeovers take much less effort than a complete room-redo, but they'll still work magic at reviving your space. 

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If you're determined to not buy anything new, then the best way to shake up a room's style is to rearrange the pieces you already own. In the bedroom, changing the placement of your bed is a surefire way to switch up the entire room. Try following the principles of feng shui: Move your bed so that it has space on both sides, rather than tucked into a corner of the room, and make sure you can still see the door to the room from your bed. Once you have the bed in the optimal spot, arrange the rest of your decor around it. 

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If you want to give your furniture a facelift (without picking up a paintbrush), try stick-on decals and removable wallpaper. To upgrade IKEA basics, order decals from sites like O'verlays and Panyl, which create customizable covers for your BESTAS and BILLYS. To DIY your own furniture decals, order removable wallpaper from Chasing Paper or Anthropologie, then use it to add a pop of pattern to the back of a bookcase or the doors of your media console. 


Mirrors can be a powerful design tool in a room, since they reflect light from windows and lamps, letting the glow bounce around the room. Do you currently have a decorative mirror in a dark corner? Try repositioning it across from a window so it bounces light into the corner instead. If you don't currently own many mirrors, thrift stores are the perfect places to start your search. 

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What's the easiest way to make it look like you bought new furniture without actually splurging on new furniture? Switch out the hardware. This trick works for dresser drawer pulls, kitchen cabinet handles, and even interior doorknobs. Before you shop, take a look at your current hardware. To make the project as easy as possible, replace the hardware with new picks in the same style, such as replacing knobs with knobs rather than handles. That way, you shouldn't need to drill new holes in the cabinets or drawer fronts. 

Where to shop: Check out Rejuvenation for vintage-style hardware, World Market for colorful, offbeat picks, and Home Depot for a huge selection in a range of styles. 


If there's one place to invest a little money for a low-budget room refresh, it's in textiles. In the bathroom, a colorful new hand towel can transform the space. In the living room, a couple patterned pillow covers will update your sofa. And in the kitchen, dish towels have the power to refresh the room. Especially if your goal is to introduce more color and pattern, adding vibrant textiles is a low-cost, low-commitment solution. 


To change up a room's lighting without buying a new lamp, install a dimmer switch so you can adjust the brightness to the appropriate level for reading, watching tv, or taking a nap. Lighting has a huge effect on a room, and buying an under-$25 dimmer switch is the most affordable way to upgrade it. 

Want an even easier fix that won't require any wiring? Order a lamp dimmer ($11, for your bedside sconce or the floor lamp next to your favorite reading chair. Note: It's only compatible with halogen and incandescent bulbs, so if you have LED lights, consider the dimmer switch instead. 


Check out the art you have hanging around your home. Oftentimes, we're so used to our wall decor, we barely even notice it anymore. Consider moving the art you already own to a new position, another room, or perhaps group several pieces into a gallery wall. 

Want an even bolder move? Consider painting the frames or rematting the art to give it an all-new look.