3 New Stationery Trends You’ll Want to Know About

Real Simple walked through more than 1,500 booths at the National Stationery Show this week—alongside the 10,000 other attendees—and observed a few standout trends. Take note.


Scent-sational Offerings

Photo by tattly.com

Between essential-oil-infused greeting cards and flowery fragranced temporary tattoos, the attendees’ sense of smell was definitely targeted. Clap Clap Design & Stationery debuted a line of eight botanical print greeting cards with an accompanying “fragrance chip” to offer a little serenity alongside any hand-written message. In the wearable category, Tattly’s Perennial Set features four floral watercolor tattoos, each emitting a complementary fragrance. While the scent wears away after a day or so, the bursting blooms will last for up to four.


Textual Healing

Photo by emilymcdowell.com

Sending an apology or sympathy card is never something we look forward to, but when you’ve got one that expresses the sentiment in a quippy, cute, and (sometime even) irreverent way, it takes some of the pressure off of your words. The text-based letterpress cards from Sapling Press offer a sense of humor for those occasions (and more), while the offerings from Emily McDowell Studio help people connect and feel understood during times when they might not know exactly what to say.


Extra Embellishments

Photo by sugarpaper.com

Not only is the National Stationery Show chock full of greeting cards and stationery sets, but it also features plenty of other items related to paper and how we use it. Chez Gagné will soon be launching a line of celebratory cards embellished with cocktail-inspired paperclips to help toast to the occasion. And Sugar Paper’s chambray-lined leather goods have us excited for their website debut at the end of August.