Mauri Weakley and her husband, Ben Heemskerk’s home-furnishings store, Collyer’s Mansion, brims with pretty patterns and poppy colors, yet it’s perfectly curated. As a shopper, how do you not lose your head when surrounded by such choices? Mauri offers up some home decor strategies to help below.

January 11, 2017

“We weren’t always in the home decor world,” says Mauri. “I used to be a visual merchandiser for a fashion boutique, and Ben is a restaurateur. His father is a carpenter, and the three of us built our original store [also in Brooklyn]—the shelving, windows, everything. We moved to this location two years ago. We both love vibrant colors and an eclectic, global aesthetic. We sell eco-friendly furniture and work with artisans, local and abroad, to offer one-of-a-kind pieces—things you’ll want to hold on to forever: original paintings, handwoven rugs, artful pendants. I’m forever bringing stuff from the store back home and changing things up.” (All items shown throughout, unless specified, are vintage or available at

Tour Mauri and Ben's Brooklyn colorful home here

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