Invest in a space you love coming home to by putting your money where it counts and paying a little more for these splurge-worthy furniture and décor pieces.

By Amanda Lauren
Updated February 20, 2019
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Buying furniture and home décor can become very expensive, but staying on budget is possible if you know what pieces are worth spending more on and where corners can be cut. A good example of this is picture frames. More likely than not, you’ll keep an inexpensive picture frame for about the same length of time you’ll keep a pricy one for. It’s just holding a picture. So the materials and craftsmanship really aren’t as important as how it complements the rest of the room.

Pillows are another accessory where you could spend a lot of money, but don’t really need to. They also provide maximum decorative bang for the buck. Is your neutral sofa looking tired? Add a few throw pillows for some pops of color! Want to decorate your living room for Christmas, spring, or the Fourth of July with very little effort or cost? Just switch out your pillows.

Frannie Velvet Sofa in Blush by Lulu and Georgia

It’s also smart to avoid overspending on side tables. Why break the bank for something just holding a book or lamp? It’s not a coffee or dining table. A cheap side table is also a great way to integrate a new trend into your living room, bedroom, or even home office—think clear acrylic tables.

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However, there are plenty of times when saving dollars just doesn’t make sense. Consider your lifestyle. Do you have kids or pets? While you might be tempted to spend less, low-quality pieces may not necessarily withstand the wear and tear of little hands and paws. This means you might have to replace things more than once—costing you more in the long run.

Ultimately, in certain cases, it is really in your best interest to invest in the highest quality pieces your budget permits, as long as they are easy to maintain. Here are six items for your home worth paying more for—you’ll thank yourself later.

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