6 Sharp Dorm Room Ideas That Even Your New Roommate Will Like

These dorm room ideas get an A+ in our book.

Believe it or not, choosing between dorm room ideas is a lot more than selecting the perfect medley of movie posters for those plastered (or, worse, cinderblock) walls. For most college students, packing up their bags and heading to their alma mater–to-be is their first brush with independence. It's their first time to set their own schedules, eat whatever they want to eat, and, of course, decorate their space as they please.

So why stick with the posters and butterfly chairs virtually every college student owns? Since most college students live with at least one roommate, square footage is often at a premium. But just because you're working with teeny, tiny corners doesn't mean your dorm room design and organization can't shine. Not only can the right dorm decor turn even the most questionable quarters into a well-appointed sanctuary, but it can also be a great conversation starter with roommates and prospective friends alike.

The catch? Unlike advanced art history and biochemistry, there's no college course for mastering dorm room decor. Instead, let these six rooms offer a crash course in creating a space that even your prickly roommate likes.

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Defy gravity

Unless you hit the dorm room jackpot, most students are working with teeny, tiny spaces. With square footage in short supply, it's important to be strategic about your dorm room design and organization. Sometimes, the only way to go is up. This college student mastered this dorm room idea by lofting stylish storage baskets and suspending a macrame planter from the ceiling. The result? Dorm room decor that's eye-catching from top to bottom.

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Flower power

Looking for cheap dorm decor (aka string lights), but on another level? Weave some faux flowers throughout each strand. Not only does this idea bring a slice of the psychedelic Seventies to your dorm room decor, but it's also extremely easy to execute. In fact, you can probably buy a bouquet of faux flowers from your local arts and crafts store for just a few dollars.

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Hang it up

Regardless of your interior design style, every dorm room should feature some dorm room essentials, including a shower caddy, under-bed storage, and somewhere to pin important papers or your favorite Kodak moments. But just because your dorm room decor has to be practical doesn't mean it can't be pretty, too. Take a cue from this cute dorm room and ditch the corkboard for a cool, wired wall grid. If you're also looking to spice up your night light, we fully support affixing a lighting-shaped neon option to your wall.

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Embrace the accent wall

You don't have to be an interior designer to know that the concrete or cinderblock wall that's in most college dorm rooms is borderline cringeworthy. If you're looking for a quick fix that will transform your dorm room in a snap, try covering up that unsightly wall. You can apply some temporary wallpaper or hang up a tapestry, as seen here. Once you have your base, layer your accent wall with floating shelves, twinkling lights, and your favorite wall art.

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You've been framed

Sure, adorning your dorm room walls with posters from Breakfast at Tiffany's and Animal House might be a classic dorm room decorating idea, but this tactic has become so ubiquitous that it veers into basic territory. Instead, take an elevated approach by hanging some framed photos or prints. Don't know what to hang? We love the print repetition seen in this snap. After all, we always have pizza on the brain.

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Double trouble

Who said developing a dreamy dorm room decor strategy was a solo sport? Whether you already know your roommate or are meeting them for the first time, collaborating on some dorm room decor is a great way to bond and master your compromising skills. This space gives the classic dorm room a hotel-like quality with a symmetrical layout and matching sheets, headboards, nightstands, and lamps. Sweet dreams!

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