Copy their on-trend looks for a home worthy of a princess.

By Lauren Phillips
January 23, 2019
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Children (and costume-passionate adults) love dressing up as Disney princesses. People of all ages love watching movies and TV shows about them. Artists, writers, storytellers, designers, and more are inspired by their happy stories. And everyone loves getting a photo with them at Walt Disney World. Even with all that adoration and cultural fascination, though, there are very few ways to actually make your surroundings resemble those of one of Disney’s fairytale princesses—until now.

The design team at interior design startup Modsy reimagined how the starring princesses from iconic Disney movies Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, Mulan, Snow White, and Moana might decorate their spaces as adults in 2019. With contemporary furnishings, paint color selections, and styles, the team put together renderings of what a room in each princess’s home would look like—so if you always wanted to be Cinderalla, now’s your chance to decorate like her, down to the wall art.

This isn’t Modsy’s first foray into reimagining fictional spaces. The design team has created modern projections of what the Golden Girls house and Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment (of Sex and the City fame) might look like today, among other TV- and movie-famous homes. This take on Disney princesses’ decorating styles is a slightly new direction, though, and likely one any Disney fan will appreciate.

See how six popular princesses would decorate below, but just be prepared: You’ll likely be tempted to buy everything you see. (Who doesn’t want to live like a princess, after all?)

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