Stuck on which seats to buy for your dining area? This clever guide gives you stylish, foolproof picks for the most common types of tables.

Farmhouse dining tables

To buy: Threshold Gilford dining table, from $300;

If you have a farmhouse table, try... upholstered chair in a bold fabric.
The soft fabric covering offsets a wood table’s hard surface. For a fresh, modern look, go with a graphic print instead of a safer solid.

To buy: Shannon side chair in Buffalo Blue, $195;

...a sleek midcentury modern seat.
Contrast a rustic rectangular table with sleek, curvy seats at a wallet-friendly price.

To buy: White molded Evie chairs, $160 for two;

...a classic wooden chair that’s family-friendly.
A lacquered surface is easy to wipe clean; the deep, black hue is striking alongside the table’s warm brown shade. Choose a wood chair with an open back to keep the overall space from veering too bulky.

To buy: Norraryd chair, $65;

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Glossy white dining tables

To buy: URBN Alexander dining table, $69;

If you have a glossy white table, try...

...a rattan seat in a spunky color.
Intricate fretwork stands out against the table’s smooth white surface, especially when the chair is a poppy shade of pink. This one comes in more than 15 color options.

To buy: The Fiji, $625 for two;

...a natural wood chair.
Bring in some warmth with a teak seat. This one’s elegant, sculptural shape plays well with the table’s clean lines.

To buy: Bergman armchair in teak, $399; industrial-style metal seat.
An iron chair in a fun, edgy color livens up a dining area, making it a great pick for frequent entertainers. These stackable seats are durable and weather-resistant, so they can double as extra perches on the patio when needed.

To buy: Lucinda mint stacking chair, $80;

Marble top dining tables

To buy: Saarinen round dining table, from $3,333;

If you have a marble top table, try...

...a glam metallic seat.
Play up the dressy vibe of a marble table by pairing it with shimmery, gold-finish seats.

To buy: Gemma dining chair, $395;

...a luxe, leather-accented chair.
For a more masculine touch, bring in clubby chairs, like this cast-iron version with a supple, stitched leather seat and back.

To buy: Laredo brown leather dining chair, $269;

...a classic bistro seat.
A relaxed, understated café chair with an open back and woven rattan seat lets a polished-looking marble table be the star of the room.

To buy: Bistro side chair, $149;

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Glass top dining tables

To buy: Rosalie dining table, $1,596;

If you have a glass top table, try...

...a roomy, retro-style seat.
An artsy glass table can give off a cold vibe if you surround it with seats that are ultra-sleek. Instead, go for contrast with a cozy style, like a wood-frame chair upholstered in a rich leather.

To buy: Framework leather dining chair, $299; elegant, fabric-covered chair.
A tall, camelback style chair in a sophisticated neutral gives any glass table an elevated look.

To buy: Ashton nontufted dining chair, from $399;

...a graphic patterned seat.
A mix of materials adds interest to a dining room, giving it a lived-in, eclectic vibe. This classic pick evokes a bustling Parisian café.

To buy: Chevron Riviera side chair, $229;