Get the best ideas for your home from these Instagram stars.

By Lauren Saccone
Updated December 27, 2017
Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

Celebrities aren’t stingy when it comes to great decorating ideas—take a look at our favorite tips for inspiration. Soon, your home will look as Insta-worthy as any star’s!

Go Green (Sort of)

Going for a simple, classic look is what Lauren Conrad is all about. So what makes her decor worth shouting about? Conrad always adds a touch of elegance by decking out her home with fresh, seasonal flowers. They instantly enhance any home with a touch of nature. And if your green thumb isn’t up to par, you can always grab some faux blooms. We promise we won’t tell.

Get Creative

Jessica Biel is a big fan of multitasking—she admits to regularly eating in the shower. While we may not be that cramped for time, we can appreciate the details Biel added to her shower style. The tiling is creative, unconventional, and a whole lot of fun. What better place to get in touch with your funky side?

Don’t Stress the Clutter

It would be great if we could stay organized 24/7, but it’s also unrealistic especially when you have kids. Kristen Bell gets up close and personal with the messy side of life, and reminds us all not to sweat the small stuff. Clutter will happen to the best of us; just make sure it doesn’t overtake your entire home.

Keep It Simple

Organization is great for all of us, whether it’s keeping all your restaurant menus in a folder or, like Chrissy Teigen, organizing all your favorite spices (with a little help). We love the understated, simple decor and streamlined look of her whole home.

Make It Yours

It’s hard to pick what we love most about Mindy Kaling, but it’s probably how unique she is. She’s unafraid to be herself, and we adore her for it. That comes out in everything she does: from her work on The Mindy Project to her interior decor. Even something as simple as her hallway has tons of little touches that make it unique, interesting, and gorgeous—just like Mindy Kaling herself!