This Stylish Coffee Table Has a Secret Workspace and Plenty of Storage Space

You can have a dinner table and desk in one.

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Tangkula Wood Lift Top Coffee Table, Modern Coffee Table w/Hidden Compartment

In a perfect world, you could wave a home decor wand over your furniture and *poof*—more storage! Though there are no spells (that we know of) for assisting you in designing your home, the next best thing is available: a coffee table with hidden, pop-out storage space. And understandably, shoppers are mesmerized.

The Tangkula coffee table may look like your average living room centerpiece, but with a swift lift, it becomes a desktop and reveals a hidden storage space, aside from the three cubby shelves already included. The modern farmhouse exterior also makes it look surprisingly stylish for being so functional, and its "hydraulics [are] very smooth upon opening and closing," according to a reviewer, which is a refreshing change from creaky springs or accidental slams.

Tangkula Wood Lift Top Coffee Table, Modern Coffee Table w/Hidden Compartment

To buy: $180;

"I can't say enough positive things about this coffee table—especially since the beginning of work from home," wrote a shopper who has owned it for two years. "It is the perfect height to use the coffee table as a desk, so I can work on the couch without straining my neck. Very helpful for a change in scenery!"

Small space occupants have found this piece extra convenient, too, as it doesn't take up much room, but offers up another way to stay organized in places that lack extra built-in storage and home workspaces. "My wife loves all the storage space it gives her in a small space, and the moveable top is perfect for her knitting work," said one pleased shopper. Others added that it's suitable for watercolor painting, typing, and studying.

Aside from serving as a sturdy desk (without any craning or neck pain), a few people were enthusiastic about dedicating it as a spacious replacement for dinner trays, with one mentioning that it "does not stain easily," making it a risk-free surface for food and drink. It's even reliable for little ones, "The kids needed this badly as they don't have a dining table," explained a shopper. "This is perfect for them. They love watching TV while eating. Now they don't have to balance plates on their laps."

Although magically wishing for the clutter in your living room to disappear may not be possible, this flip-top coffee table comes close. Whether you're wanting to hide office supplies when work ends and friends arrive or make dinner and a movie more comfortable at home, your search is over.

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