Tips for Giving Your Living Room a Cozy Fall Makeover

See how Simply host Haley Cairo gives her home a warm (and budget-friendly) redo.

This time of year is the perfect opportunity to give your living room a refresh. And Simply host Haley Cairo has a smart strategy for making her home cozy without spending a fortune.

Start by swapping out a room's accessories with warm, textured fabrics—like patterned Turkish kilim rug pillow cases, blackout curtains, and warm-hued throw blankets.

Choose dried botanicals, like wheat and pampas grass, for low-maintenance natural elements, dried citrus potpourri in bowls or hurricane glass to add a subtle fragrance. And candles with a smoky, autumnal scent like tobacco or sandalwood will give you a fireplace-like feeling, even if you don't have one.

Find other ways to add a little warmth and cozinesss—Haley changes out her lamps with darker terracotta ones, and goes for warmer bulbs in the 2700 range to create a cozy look. And she heads to local thrift stores for vintage accessories—pottery, reclaimed wood, leather, and old books—along with antique brass.

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Black Terracotta Lamp

Simply fall room
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Trading out lighter-hued lamps with earthy terracotta gives the room a richer look.

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Blackout Curtains

Simply fall room
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Haley trades out her sheers for blackout curtains to give her living room windows a more substantial look.

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Woodsmoke + Amber Candles

Simply fall room
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Cozier scents like this woodsmoke and amber candle can add a warm, autumnal vibe to your room.

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Kilim Pillows

Simply fall room
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Trade out pillows in lighter fabrics and shades with richer, more textured pillows like these kilim pillows. (Note: You can just purchase slip covers and use the same pillow bases, so you don't have to find storage for your throw pillows.)

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