With these refreshing living room color schemes, this relaxing space may just give the kitchen a run for its money as the heart of the home.

By Amanda Lauren
Updated: June 11, 2019
Getty Images

Picking between living room color schemes can be a difficult decision—but it’s one that sets the tone for this all-important gathering space. Before choosing living room colors to decorate with, think about the mood you are going for. Whether you are intending to create a calm space, present a more fun vibe, or establish a classic look, here are some popular living room color schemes to consider.

Living Room Color Scheme #1: Orange and White

Want to feel happier? It’s almost impossible not to smile in an orange and white living room. White just makes orange pop, bringing energy to the space. This color scheme looks particularly chic in mid-century modern homes, such as the Dazey Desert House shown above.

Of all the living room wall colors, orange truly makes a statement, particularly when used for wallpaper. Orange is also one of the best living room paint colors, especially when paired with white or gray furniture and accessories.

Orange and white is also a great choice for retro kitchen color schemes—just remember that you are always safe pairing orange cabinetry and appliances with more neutral paint colors.

Living Room Color Scheme #2: Beige

If you want your living room to feel cozy and calming, use beige. While many people think a monochromatic color scheme is boring, that isn’t necessarily the truth. The key is to use a variety of textures and mix it up. Beige also makes an ideal neutral for most bedroom color schemes—possibly an opportunity to offer some color cohesiveness from room to room in your home.

Living Room Color Scheme #3: Green and Peach

Green and peach is one of the most effortlessly cool living room color schemes. The contrast between a deep green and a warm peach makes the lighter color really pop, and while this is a very intentional choice, it doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard.

If you want to use this color combination to paint your walls, just keep in mind that peach paint colors can end up looking dated or have an orange tone; choose a rich olive paint color instead.

Living Room Color Scheme #4: Shades of Purple

If you’re searching for bold living room color ideas, look no further than purple. This color looks regal and sophisticated, and purple hues such as lilac or violet are excellent living room paint colors to pair with black or white furniture.

Living Room Color Scheme #5: Blue and White

Blue and white is a classic color scheme. While dark paint on the walls can make some rooms feel closed in, a darker blue paired with white furniture makes a space feel fresh and clean—and only slightly nautical. Blue is really one of the best living room paint ideas, and not just because it tends to be a calm, relaxing color. (Blue and white is also a perfect combination for bathroom color schemes.)

Living Room Color Scheme #6: Black and White

Black and white are one of the best living room color schemes. It’s very easy to find the right furniture for this combination in any budget, creating a designer look for less, and it feels luxe and refined. Prints and metallic accents will really pop in a space filled with these colors, too, so showing off prized pieces is easy.