How to Arrange Your Living Room, According to the Pros

Designers Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent, along with pro organizer Marissa Hagmeyer, share 5 tips for creating your dream living room.

The design team behind the gorgeous living room in the Real Simple Home 2018 shared their top tips for making any living room more beautiful and functional. Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent reveal their go-to design tricks, and expert organizer Marissa Magmeyer from the Neat Method reveals how to keep this space tidy. The perfect balance of form and function, these living room arrangement tips will help you create a beautiful, welcoming space—and keep it that way. No matter your decor style, these easy-to-follow guidelines will help you design a space your entire family will want to hang out in.

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Form Zones

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Use a rug to make a large room’s sofa and accent chairs feel more like a cozy unit. Visually, the rug helps unite all of the different pieces of furniture set on top of it. Alternatively, lay a few small floor coverings to define more intimate conversation areas throughout the space.

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Create Order

Avoid losing your remote controls in the couch cushions by placing a small basket or vessel on a nearby table. Get into the habit of putting the remotes there when not in use.

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Don’t Stress Over Scuffs

When choosing pieces of furniture for the living room, opt for those that will look better with age, so your entire family (and guests!) can truly relax in the room. Old leather, metal, or wood pieces with a patina bring character to the room, and you don’t have to worry about protecting them with coasters. Scuffs and discoloration will only add to the charm.

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Make It Personal

Your home should tell your family’s story. Incorporate photographs from your favorite trips and mementos from special experiences in your life. (Here's how to create a fail-proof gallery wall.)

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Bring in Baskets

Baskets offer a decorative place to toss throw blankets or stash stray items before last-minute guests arrive. Just be sure to revisit the contents once your guests have gone and return those items to their proper spots.

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