It's stain resistant and super easy to assemble, too.

By Brandi Broxson
Updated November 21, 2017
Burrow Couch in a Box

Buying a couch is a very personal experience. Like your mattress, the sofa is one those pieces of furniture you turn to for comfort at the end of a long day. I recently moved to a new apartment and began my quest to find the perfect place to put my feet up.

With fingers crossed, I first measured the front doorframe to see what would fit (a fact of life for city living). I found the frame and short hallway that leads to the living room to be a measly 29 inches wide! I panicked. What kind of comfortable couch (that isn't the size of a postage stamp) would fit through? I had a flashback to desperately pushing two blue suede sofas through a window a few years ago to get them inside my previous home. There was no way I would be doing that again.

Luckily, a quick internet search led me to Burrow, a new couch company that’s aiming to change the painful experience of purchasing a couch and getting it through the front door.

Here’s how they’re different: Instead of going to a showroom, you shop online. You have the choice of an armchair ($495), a two-cushion love seat ($795), a 3-seat sofa ($1095) or a 4-seat king sofa ($1395). There’s also an option to add a chaise or ottoman for an additional fee. Once you select your choices, the couch arrives to your door within a week with free shipping.

Now to the interesting part: The sofa is packaged into five 50-lb boxes, which aren’t too bulky to glide through even the tiniest of entryways. Once you unpack the boxes, the couch can be assembled without any tools thanks to a metal latch mechanism. It took me and my boyfriend about 25 minutes to assemble the three-seater chaise style sofa on a recent Saturday afternoon.

A few more details about the couch: They use sustainably sourced materials, and the fabric is stain resistant. What really sold me though is that the couch has gone through a “dog paw scratch test.” I inquired about this and learned that they actually 3D-printed a dog paw with claws and then scratch the fabric with it, to see how well it holds up (spoiler, it holds up quite well).

Another great aspect? Because the couches are modular, when I move I can transform my 3-seater into a 2-seater and buy an extra pair of arms to turn the remaining seat into a chair. Here lies one of Burrow’s greatest selling points. The couch can change to suit your needs, which is essential for me as a 20-something who has moved every year or so during the past 10 years.

I know what you’re thinking. Can something that arrives in a box actually be comfortable? After testing for three weeks, I can say that it really is. It’s been comfy enough for a slew of weekend naps, tough enough to stand up to a home with a dog and two cats, and it even survived an unfortunate soy sauce spill. I'm sold.